Yoga for Runners: 4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Anxiety

Yoga for Runners: 4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Anxiety

Yoga for runners is a great way to loosen those tight muscles and help relieve some of the day’s to-day anxiety and stress that you can experience.   Yoga is an excellent relaxation technique for anxiety and can help control your breathing especially when anxious, by providing oxygen-rich blood to your brain.  It can also help prevent injury, particularly when the muscles are overworked.

Many have found that after a run and incorporating yoga they not only sleep better but have decreased their anxiety.  This is an effective holistic treatment for relieving mood disorders and daily stress. There are many medications that have terrible side effects but yoga is an effective non-drug alternative to treating anxiety.  In addition, evidence shows that running and yoga can work to help you learn to cope with your anxiousness and worries, rather than treating the symptoms with medications.

Here are 4 easy yoga poses that can help relax your muscles, improve your breathing and soothe your mind of worries. Keep in mind, that some of these yoga poses are used by anyone that just wants to stay for runners

4 Yoga Poses for Runners that Ease the Mind and Keep You Fit

It is recommended that you repeat each of these exercises at least 10 times.

  1. Forward Bend Pose: Begin by sitting on your yoga mat and bring your legs together. Make sure that your feet are touching. Lift your arms up over your head, and take a deep breath. Slowly exhale and bend forward, reaching for your toes. If you are having difficulty using a towel to help you reach forward. Make sure the back of your legs are touching the mat, and that your back is flat. Try holding this pose for about 30 seconds. This yoga pose will stretch the back of your legs, your hamstrings and calf muscles.
  2. Seated Tree Pose: In a sitting position, take your left foot and bring it to the inside of your right leg. Your left foot should be touching the side of your right knee. Take a deep breath, and let your arms reach up over your head. Exhale as you bend forward, reaching for your toes.  Also, make sure that the back of your right leg is touching the mat, and that your left knee is not up into the air. If it is, you can bring your left foot closer to your right calf to make it easier. If you are not able to touch your toes, then you can just reach to your lower part of your legs to be more comfortable. Hold this yoga pose for 30 seconds and the switch to the other leg. This is an excellent stretch for your for runners pose
  3. Cobblers Pose: In a sitting position, bring the soles of your feet together, and your knees will be far apart. Take a deep breath and exhale as you lunge forward. Place your hands on your ankles or in front of your feet, if you find the first way is too easy. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. This exercise is for your lower back, inner thigh, and hips.
  4. Reclining Pigeon Pose: Lay on your back and lift your knees to your chest. Then place your left foot in front of your upper right thigh. Your right leg is bent slightly, and you want to reach through with your hands and grab your right chin. Try bringing your right knee to your chest; stretching the back of your leg as your neck is relaxed. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

These are 4 very easy yoga poses that you can incorporate in your exercise routine.  Therefore, will help you attain peace of mind, and allow you to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.  Try Yoga for Anxiety today!


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