Yoga For Anxiety can Bring Mental Calmness

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Yoga a spiritual exercise which is of Indian origin has over time evolved into the most effective remedy for stress. Even as modern as our century is becoming, and how health science and technology is fast improving, doctors are still very much recommending yoga for Anxiety.  It is a kind of supplementary therapy for patients suffering from anxiety.

Yoga could be a solution to different health problems of men but Yoga for anxiety is distinct. Yoga for anxiety is not only proved to be effective for generalized anxiety stress but is now also a great complementary therapy for acute anxiety.

Yoga is considered as a spiritual science which involves dedication and meditation in order to channel out all turbulence and restlessness of the body making yoga for anxiety the best non-medical therapy for anxiety.

Yoga for anxiety has a lot of exercises that can help you stay calm and help you stay relaxed as you carry out your daily activities. Yoga for anxiety includes yoga exercises that compose the complete asanas package.  Such as the Matsyasana also known as the fish pose, Hastapadasana which involves you standing with your posture slightly bending forward, also yoga for anxiety could be in form of learning how to breathe right and pranayamas is the best yoga for anxiety as far as breathing practice is concerned.


Anxiety happens to be one of the most common mental health conditions, affecting the masses. However, recently, holistic treatment of anxiety is winning the hearts of the populace of United State at the expense of pharmaceutical treatment. At the forefront of this is yoga and meditation. Against this background, the yoga will be discussed in line with the benefits of practicing it.

Depending on your choice, yoga might be strenuous and challenging and can also be gentle and accommodating. Yoga for anxiety has three elements –physical poses (asanas); controlled breathing and meditation.

Evaluation of Yoga’s benefits to the mind, body and spirit had been said to have been small and poorly designed but things have changed in recent years as more research are being done to study the benefits of Yoga to human body. Yoga does not advocate for the use of medication but advocates for practices that are soothing to the body, mind and spirit. In this respects, yoga affords meditation, relaxation, exercise and to some extent socialization.

Yoga and its benefits to the body:

Apart from the fact that yoga reduces the risk of being faced with the side effects of some medications which are known or still unknown.  Yoga for anxiety makes the body fit and healthy, free from restlessness. The activities performed during yoga makes the body strong, steady and flexible. It can be practiced for the purpose of increasing endurance level of one’s body and energizing one’s organ.

Your circulation system gets improved as frequent as you practice yoga. Unknown to people, yoga can help relieve many health problems which include: constipation, obesity, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, and respiratory disorder, inter alia. The list of the benefit of yoga on a human body is long but important. For example, Surya namaskara helps energize the body, remove lethargy and depression and burn calories. Asanas mostly help the body and it is practiced by yoga lovers for its numerous benefits.

Yoga for Anxiety and its benefit to the mind:

Pranayama is specially designed for improving our vital energy (prana) and thereby reducing the carbon dioxide content in the blood, this goes a long way in improving lifespan. Prana connects the physical body and the mental body together, thereby making the practice of yoga reflect on both mind and body. Legs up wall pose goes a long in relaxing an individual just like corpse pose.

Research has shown that yoga for anxiety helps in memory boost as the mental condition improves when free from unnecessary stress. It has also been discovered that the end result of meditation is calmness of the mind and calmness of the mind is a prerequisite to high performance or memory boost.

Yoga and benefits to the spirit

It is somehow difficult to discuss in way of enumeration how Yoga has benefited one’s spirit. It allows for our spirit to be gladdened. It does not try to improve the spirit but it tries to remove the obstacle that is blocking the spirit from enjoying the world. This obstacle includes external experience and turbulent life situation. With the removal, the spirit derives happiness from the world. A bliss of the spirit.

In conclusion, Yoga for anxiety benefits the spirit, the body and the mind. Individuals with anxiety should try to check yoga out.


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