4 Mind Power Techniques to Control the Mind of Anxiety

by Mental Calmness

The Basics of  Mind Power Techniques

There are numerous mind power techniques that you can use to help relieve your anxiety and feel more in control. Yet, you must come to understand that your fears or worries are affected by the way you think and react to stressful situations. On a daily basis, your mind and body encounter so much stress that it can become a chronic stress problem.

It can even develop into physical ailments like insomnia, hypoglycemia, headaches, weak immune systems and much more. Many pains and aches rooted in your brain processes are affected by your mental attitude, thoughts, and emotions. Not being able to control your emotions and thoughts can make you ill and deprive you of happiness.

The goal is to stop those bad thoughts before they overwhelm you, by asking yourself these questions and putting everything into perspective.

What am I feeling now?

What is causing this feeling?

What am I afraid of?

When you begin to do this you are taking control of your anxiety and calming yourself down before the negative feelings take over.

Recognize that you are anxious because you want things to go your way, and when it doesn’t work out you get anxious or feel helpless.  It is also stressful when you feel your not good enough, or that others will not accept you. These thoughts and emotions lead you from comfort to stress, and they must be treated and dealt with. Think about the resources that are available to you.  Stop, think and allow it to surface.  You can change your thought process.

Begin to think of thoughts as a form of vibrations of energy, which is a startling new reality revealed by quantum physics. Your thoughts are a physical reality with its own weight, mass, and effects. Thoughts are also powerful influences that are involved in what you attract.

Humans have the tendency to largely ignore their thought processes and focus on other material or physical actions like eating, working, conversing, worrying, making love, shopping or playing. Little or no attention is given to what we think and how we think. This is regrettable for this involves the avoidance or ignoring of one of the most significant forces in our lives.


Basically, mind power involves focusing and directing your thoughts towards the desired outcome. Simply put what you focus on or what you think about, is what you will attract.

Focusing on failure and disappointments will attract these towards you and surround you in life. Thoughts are the primary sources of the creative forces in our lives, and if used consciously and smartly, with your mind power can bring about a whole new life of opportunity. There are 4  mind power techniques which can be used to control the mind, bring calmness and attract the positivity in life.

 4 Mind Power Techniques to Control Anxiety

1. Biofeedback

Biofeedback harnesses the power of your mind.  It can help you become aware of what’s going on inside your body to help you gain more control over your health. Most importantly, it can help reduce your anxiety and depression by helping you become more relaxed.

Biofeedback sessions are conducted in a therapist’s office, and what they do is that they attach these electrodes/sensors to your skin.  They then send signals to a monitor, which displays a sound, light or an image that represents your heart and breathing rate, skin temperature, blood pressure, or muscle activity.

When you’re anxious or under stress, these functions change. Your heart rate becomes faster, you breathe rapidly, your muscles tighten, your blood pressure increases, and you may even sweat. You can see these anxious responses as they happen on the monitor, and then get immediate feedback so that you can try to control them.

This biofeedback can help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation.  It can also teach you to control your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, anxiety and stress through your mind.  This is done through a therapist, but there are computer programs that can connect the biofeedback sensor to your own computer.

2. Positive Affirmations

This mind power technique involves your acknowledgment to sustain  a balance of your own intentions, affirming that what you are doing is in a positive manner. This gives you a clearer picture of your thinking, mentality, and your goals. Your affirmations guide you to your plans and actions, and if they are positive they can help you achieve your goals easily. In order to implement this mind  technique, your mind  must be free of all negative thoughts which may obstruct the effects of positive affirmations on your lives.

3. Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is another type of mind power technique where once again you empower your  mind to obtain what it desires. You begin with creative imagination and picturing in your mind  the things you want. If you visualize these things constantly in your mind  there is a high chance you are able to achieve them.  When doing these exercising, you will use all your senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and feeling.  This will increase brain chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, epinephrine, which can help you feel better.

4. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is another  mind power technique which aids you in getting what you want. Positive thinking and a positive mindset can surely get you to attract positivity of your desires. This also enhances your health, keeping you away from negative thoughts and stress caused by it, along with aiding your spiritual as well as emotional growth.

All these mind power techniques establish a union of thought and emotions which creates a feeling that attracts what you desire, into your lives. Having control over you  mind power can bring your dreams into reality with mere changes in your mentality and thinking. It works like a pool of energy around your body which influences the world around you and alters reality according to itself.


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