Stop Anxiety with a Positive Thinking Attitude

by Dealing with Social Anxiety, Mental Calmness

Our goal is to stop anxiety dead in its track.   Anxiety does not have the right to take over your mind and body like the “body snatchers.” Anxiety can be unbearable, but If you can learn to use fear and anxiety to your advantage.  You can control it or be rid of it once and for all.

Anxiety is a part of your life,  in fact, sometimes it can even help us.  But the worst thing that one can do is to always remain on high alert anticipating a surge of anxiety at any moment.

In fact, most people who experience panic attacks fear it in this manner. It is natural for people to think this way since panic attacks can come out forcefully all of the sudden.  Its the anticipation of the attack that makes things worst. Thinking negatively in this way will definitely trigger anxiety or panic attacks.

People also tend to be frightened  and worry about the “what if’s .”  They begin to think about what can happen, which may or may not be real.  This type of uncertainty can cause anxiety.

Identify if the Frightening Thoughts are True or Not True?

Stop Anxiety by re-examining those frightening thoughts, and stop viewing them as reality.  Begin by asking yourself some questions:

  • What’s proof do I have that these thoughts are real or not real?
  • Can I get a more positive perspective when examining these thoughts?
  • Can I find a solution to uncertainty?
  • What are some of the more realistic outcomes?
  • Are these frightening thoughts helpful at all?
  • If someone I cared about had these fears how can I help them?

As you ask yourself these question you will get some clarity and realize you are worried about things that may not exist. Try to develop a positive thinking attitude which will help you to think out of the box.

Think beyond what you see and is what you think true or not true?  If true, how do you resolve the problem in a positive way?  If false, how do you deal with this uncertainty you are feeling?

Turn an Attitude of Uncertainty to an Attitude of Possibilities

Uncertainty can certainly create anxiety, nervousness, and stress.  People tend to say things like:

“I can’t stand it,  not knowing what going to happen,”  “I need to be sure!”

This type of attitude can only increase your anxiety tenfold.  So to stop anxiety you need to “accept uncertainty.”  Life is filled with uncertainty and it is impossible to know what is going to happen every time.

What you are doing is depriving yourself of enjoying the good things in life.  You are also discrediting yourself by thinking that you can not solve your own problems. So by reducing your need for certainty, you will stop anxiety and worry.  Accept that it is not possible to eliminate uncertainty from your life.

Begin to re-train your mind, and start to have a positive thinking attitude. Negative behavior can become a bad habit something you can get use to and happens automatically.  It is difficult to get out of, yet it is not impossible.  When you re-program your mind to have good habits instead of bad ones you can stop anxiety.  Begin by thinking more positively, and eliminate negative thoughts that will set you back and make you unproductive. Your uncertainty will slowly decrease.

Stop Anxiety by Testing the Validity of your Uncertainty?

You can ask yourself some questions to see the validity of your uncertainty.

  • How can ” knowing” or having certainty help me in my life?
  • What are some of the uncertainties in my life that I can live with?
  • Can I absolutely be certain about everything in my life?
  • Am I a predictor of bad things that can happen, because I am uncertain about them? Is this reasonable?
  • What is the probability that these negative things will actually happen?

After this self-analysis, you will eventually come to realize that there is nothing much you can do about the uncertainty in life.  It is better to accept it and let go of the need to be certain about everything. Accept that it is a part of life and begin to re-focus your mind on the present surroundings.  Being in the present will stop the wondering back to needing certainty.

Develop a Positive Mindset to Overcome Difficulties

A positive mindset is going to help you overcome difficult circumstances beyond your control.

Your interpretation of these circumstances will determine the outcome of happiness.

A negative interpretation will definitely bring about anxiety and unhappiness to any situation in your life. Choosing to take positive action to improve your circumstances is the better alternative.  But this can only be done when you develop a positive thinking attitude.

You can learn to cultivate a good attitude with hope, faith and the inner strength (that we all have inside).  When you do this you will find yourself in a better place emotionally and mentally. Try to simplify your life and find that inner peace.

Create a Positive Thinking Attitude by Appreciating Life

Experts suggest that if you begin to think of all the good things in your life, it will take away from the negative feelings you may presently have.

Remember to count your blessings:  do you have a close family, great friends, a good job, or a beautiful home etc. Think of all that you have already accomplished and have yet to look forward to fulfilling.

Positive Thinking Shifts Negative Thoughts and Stops Anxiety

Thinking more positively will help you feel better and more hopeful. By shifting this negative thought process to a more positive one. Choose your words carefully.

What you say has a great impact on your thoughts and actions. If your vocabulary is filled with positive affirmations, it will help you think more clearly, and allow you to make clearer decisions.

It will also allow you to clearly concentrate on the task at hand, and to accomplish all your set goals.

“Remember positive thoughts attracts positive results!”

Remind yourself that whatever is trying to defeat you, will be defeated with your strong character.  Usually, your adversities should make you stronger..  You cannot let whatever is happening to prevent you from moving forward and being happy.

Rise up and say, “I don’t care how hard this is,
I am  going to beat this!
I am blessed
I can conquer my difficulties!”

This is an example of positive affirmations that will uplift you and stop anxiety. Do not let your negative thoughts overcome positive action, and never give up on yourself and your loved ones.

If you look at history you will find many stories of those who have overcome unimaginable difficulties by simply having a good attitude.

A positive attitude is sometimes not so easily attained particularly when one is angry, sad, worried, or going through some kind of difficulty in life. It is because of these factors that we need to really re-program ourselves so that we are able to deal with the day to day stress.

The stress in our lives can all lead to mental, psychological, emotional and even physical illness. It is clear that other alternatives must be taken in order to prevent this. Making the right choices: to live healthy lives, exercise, eat well, get rest,  and to do things that make us happy can lead to happiness and peace of mind.

Happiness can be attained if we develop a “positive thinking attitude.” This kind of attitude will enable you to achieve your goals, live happier lives and stop anxiety.


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