Self-Love Affirmations I am Beautiful


I am beautiful in all ways.

I respect who I am.

I am confident in all aspects of myself.

My beauty is natural.

I see the true beauty that I am.

I fill my mind with positive thoughts.

I attract so much beauty into my life.

I am healthy and happy.

I love me just the way I am.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I am at peace with my body and my form.

I see my inner beauty and age with grace.

I grow wiser and stronger as I age.

I associate with positive people.

I validate myself daily.

I discover patience, love and grace everyday.

I live in the present moment appreciating every minute.

I have an attractive mind, body, and spirit.

I love my curves and I am sexy the way I am.

I was born in the right time and make a difference.

Feeling good about myself is my natural birthright.

I believe in who I am 100%.

Others can see my beauty shine forth.

I shine with every word I speak and every act I perform.

I am a leader, not a follower.

I create beauty in everything that I touch.

I love the light and live in the light.

I give love abundantly.

I leave a trace of love behind so others can follow.

I set a good example for others.

I am free to choose what is best for me.

I am free.

I love nature and appreciate its beauty.

I love all of God’s beautiful creations.

I am God’s creation and I love myself.

I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful.

I am powerful to overcome all adversity.

I am fearless and faithful.

I deal with what life throws at me.

I confront what I need to do, with love in my heart.

I have the inner strength to face life head-on.

Each day my heart is filled with love, grace, and beauty.

I am confident in the person I’m becoming.

I have all the willpower I need.

Each day I focus on my inner strength.

I learn something new each day.

I am enriched.

I can protect myself against any hurt that comes my way.

Life presents to me joyous circumstances.

My inner strength grows stronger each day.

I love me and I am worthy to have goodness in my life.

I am naturally strong.

My inner treasures shine forth.

I shine everywhere I go with every word I speak.

I shine with every act I do.

I shine every time I touch someone with my love, and love multiplies.

 I radiate that which I want others to see.

 I am kind, I am loved, I am strong, and I am many good things because…

 I am like God.

There is no Other Like You!

There will never be anyone like you. You are a gift to this world. You have your talents, whether it is your gentle touch, your words of wisdom, your act of kindness.  It can be the way you sing, dance or tell jokes. It’s the way you carry yourself like no other. It is the sway in your step, your big smile that puts people at ease, or possibly the energy you radiate. This all makes who you are. 

You have so much to give. You are one of a kind. With all that you are, you will go forth and live your best life. Do not let anyone put you down, you got this. If they criticize or hurt you. You stand tall and rise above it. You have your inner strength to pick yourself up and say I am worthy. If they say you can’t you say I can! 

When you believe and love who you are there is no stopping you. Just say, I do make a difference, I can make a positive change for myself and others. I will try. One dream at a time, one goal at a time. And with each baby step, you take toward your goal, it will lead you to become the best version of yourself.  As you accomplish your goals, be it big or small you have succeeded. You are a success.