Get Rid of Negative Energy to Relieve Stress Anxiety

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When you remove negative energy that can exist within your home, workspace, and those around you, it will bring about calmness, clarity and can relieve stress anxiety. In life, difficult events arise and people tend to feel down, angry, argumentative, nervous or anxious. When this happens, negative energy accumulates within a person and their environment.
Negative energy affects most people, some more than others. It can make a person feel anxious drained, tired, troubled, irritable, less motivated, uneasy, indecisive, not able to sleep, and emotionally drained. Cleansing yourself and your space can alleviate that uncomfortable heaviness or unbalanced feeling. It will help to bring about an open mind and heart. It can create more peace and harmony within you, your space and most importantly it can relieve stress anxiety.

Relieve Stress Anxiety by Cleansing Yourself and Your Space.

Removing Negative Energy can be done simply and inexpensively  with a few items that you should always have in your home:

1. Use Murray and Lanman Florida Water or Florida Water Soap

Removing Negative Energy to Relieve Stress AnxietyFlorida Water has a base ingredient of alcohol, with a blend of essential oils. They include Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential and Lavender Essential Oil which are all relaxing fragrances. It is usually sold in pharmacies, general stores and even on Amazon.

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Florida water has a clean floral, lavender and citrus scent. It can be used for: spiritual practices, rubbing aching muscles, aftershave, soothe a fever.  It can also be added to bathing water and used within the home to cleanse and cool the environment. The scent of Florida water can be spiritually elevating and uplifting. Most importantly you can also use Florida water for anxiety and stress relief.

How you Can use Florida Water or Florida Soap for Cleansing?

    • Relieve Stress Anxiety with Florida WaterAdd a few drops to a bowl and set it beside your bed.  This will give off a wonderful fragrance and bring about a calming effect.
    • Clean and bless your home by mixing Florida Water, Sweet Basil Herb, Rue Dried Herb.  Sprinkle your floors, corners of the rooms, windows and doorways for protection, luck, prosperity and for removing negative energy from the area.
    • Wash with Florida Water Soap or adding a few drops into your bath.
    • Wash your hands with Florida Water Soap especially when you encounter negative people or have been in a negative environment.
    • After a bath, you can also anoint your forehead with Florida water, dab the back of your neck, and feet for protection and a feeling of balance.
These are just a few ways to use Florida water or soap to help in removing negative energy.  Once you have done this you will also notice the difference in yourself and those around you.

2. Smudging with Sage to Get Rid of Negative Energy and Relieve Stress Anxiety

This one of my favorite ways to cleanse the home and even your person. These items can be purchased in an Herb Store, Botanica, or Amazon.  Amazon sells a cleaning kit with all that you will need for your cleansing. Click here or the image below for a Complete Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit along with instructions. Removing Negative Energy to Relieve Stress Anxiety
  • Sage Sticks can also be used, just make sure you light it over a fireproof vessel, and when it starts to flame, you blow out the flame and it will then begin to smoke.
  • Begin to sweep the sage smoke over yourself. Starting with the top of your head working down the front of your body and repeat with the back.
  • This will cleanse your aura (energy field) as you are passing the smoke over your body. You can do this 2 or 3 times a week or sooner depending on what negative energies, or upsetting events that you encounter. Just be led by how you feel and how others are feeling around you.

How to Cleanse your Environment with a Sage Stick?

  • Open the windows and doors and begin smudging with sage, this will allow negativity to leave your area. You light the sage in the same way as the personal cleansing.
  • Begin to walk around your area sweeping the smoke in every room. You can use your hand or a smudging feather to distribute the smoke.  Make sure to smudge all the corners of the room, as negative energy can settle into the corners, closets, cupboards, and cabinets. You will notice this energy because it creates stagnant energy in the room.  Again follow your instincts and go where you think negative and stagnant energy resides.
  • Once you completed smudging the area, you will then burn Frankincense, Myrrh, or sea salt granules incense.
  • Fill a Charcoal Tablet that is within a Screened Incense Burner bowl or incense holder with Frankincense or Myrrh.
  • When using the charcoal be sure to use a pair of tongs to hold the charcoal disc as you light it from underneath. Try to do this while holding it over the burner bowl. Once the charcoal is lit, it will begin to spark and you then place it back into the bowl.
  • Take a few granules of frankincense and place it on the lit charcoal. It will begin to smoke and release the frankincense scent into the room. Walk around with your bowl, and allow the smoke to fill each room in your area.
  • You can leave it burning in each room for about 5 minutes. Make sure that all the rooms are completed.
When you use sage and frankincense together it will help properly clean your environment of negative energies. The sage lifts the negative energies while the frankincense ensures that these energies are released, leaving a cleansed area. Do this at least once a month to relieve stress anxiety, or it depends on what is going on in your life and how you and other people around you are feeling. If there are feelings of anxiety, anger, hostility etc. Then its time to smudge to help cool the environment. There are other ways to cleanse yourself and your environment, but the above is a simple, inexpensive, yet effective ways to bring about peace, balance, calmness, harmony and relieve stress anxiety.


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