Mind Visualization Exercise – Conquers Anxiety Using Your Imagination

by Mental Calmness

Mind visualization is an effective mental visualization technique that will help to conquer anxiety in your life.  The negative thoughts that you have over and over in your mind tend to cause doubt, anxiety, and fear.  “I am ugly,”  I am worthless,”  “I am afraid,” all contribute to a defeating attitude, but this can be change by using the mind visualization exercise.

How to use Mind Visualization?

Well, you must first understand that using your imagination, is something that is already within you and used every day whether you realize it or not. The natural power of your imagination is used constantly and is the basic creative energy source of the universe.

Here is How to Use Mental Visualization

First of all, you need to make these images as realistic as possible within your mind, by adding energy to those images. You do this by means of concentration, focus, and emotions. The more energy, emotional intent, and concentration focused on the visualization the more realistic it becomes in your mind.

Therefore, increasing the inner energy levels. mind visualization blueprintThe energy of the inner world will then influence the energy of physical world directing it to the desired reality you seek. You will become fully involved, and the more you experience this energy, the more realistic your image will become.

Thereby, allowing the object of your visualization to manifest into physical reality. To further emphasize this point, the “law of correspondence,” states that the outer world reflects your inner world.  So what we create within us will eventually manifest itself in our physical world.

As such, a universal harmony is maintained, and for this to occur there needs must be a balance between the energy of the inner world and the energy of the physical world.  In other words, the object of your visualization will manifest into physical reality, in order to maintain universal balance to agree with the “law of correspondence” and the “law of attraction.”

In today’s rush we think too much, seek too much, want to much and forget about the joy of just Being. – Ekhart Tolle

 Simple Mind Visualization Exercise

Here is a simple exercise that you can use for mental visualization:

Think of something that will help create calmness in your mind. Something that is easily imagined, and it could be an object that you want or a situation you like to find yourself in.  It can be an event you like to happen or something you like to improve in your life.

You can then sit or lay down someplace comfortable and quiet. Begin to relax your body, from your tip of your toes to the top of your head by taking slow deep breaths.

As you breathe count from 1 to 10 slowly, and when you feel deeply relaxed start to visualize that which can bring about peace of mind.

For example, you can find yourself sitting on a beach, feeling the sun on your skin, listening to the calmness of the waves. Have this vision in your mind.  Your mind may tend to wander, and you may start to feel anxiety. When this happens, begin to imagine that your anxiety is a stone, that you will pick up and throw into the water.  It may cause a wave at first, but then the water will settle again. In doing this symbolically you will then become more focused, centered and balanced again.  The stone that represents your anxiety will dissolve and settle as the stone did when it disappeared under the water.

Imagine every detail of your visualization, so that it becomes real to you. The amount of time for you to imagine may vary, the important thing is that you enjoy this experience. It is as if you are daydreaming, which is something that comes naturally to most.

Try to keep the image or idea in your mind, and mentally or out loud begin to make some positive affirmations. “I will conquer and face my fear” I will set challenges and goals to attain.”  Again, if you feel doubt, just let it flow through your consciousness and return to making positive affirmations and images.

Complete your visualization by making a firm statement such as: “This is something better for me, for the good of all, and it will now manifest for me!” This statement leaves it open for good things to come, even better than you envisioned.

Continue this process as long as you find it calming and relaxing. It can be as long as you like, 10 minutes or an hour. Just repeat these steps every day and as often as you can.

Make Mind Visualization A Daily Routine

Try to set a scheduled time to visualize (possibly in the morning, or just before bedtime), and stick to it routinely. What is most important is that you learn to relax deeply, which will help you with your mind visualization, and in doing so it will effectively make positive changes in your life.

If there are other ways that you are accustomed to helping your relax go ahead and use those methods, or you can use the method I just described. Not only will this visualization exercise assist in relieving anxiety, but it will also provide health benefits mentally, emotionally and physically. Do not worry if you having problems trying to create a mental picture or image in your mind. It just means that you are trying to hard. It’s ok if you don’t see anything, perhaps, you may just feel or sense it, or you can just think about it, which is all perfectly fine.

Visualize Using your 5 Senses

Remember you have your 5 senses (smell, touch, sight, taste, and hearing), so if you can not see it you can use the other senses to help you create the object of your visualization.  Try to envision Rose, think about its fragrance, how soft the petals are etc…  Use every detail to make it real to you. Everyone is different, but we all use our imaginations continuously. So whatever process you find yourself doing when you imagine is fine. It could be yoga or meditation. The important thing is that you try to be consistent with it until you achieve your heart’s desire and most important peace of mind.  The main objective to mind visualization is to remove those negative thinking of

  • what if I fail…
  • I hope they don’t…
  • I should have…
  • I’m afraid of…

To be more fearless you just have to discover the magic within you and make it all good things in life happen. From Mind Visualization Exercise Return to Mental Visualization Conquers Anxiety – A Blueprint of the Life you Desire


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