Fun And Laughter: The Remedy For Brain Burnout

by Mental Calmness, Relaxation Techniques for Stress

During brain burnout, the brain’s emotional response is blocked, as well as a general impression of having a short fuse. 

The simplest way to cure this is taking a well-earned break from the stresses of everyday life.



Sometimes all we need is some fun and laughter to fix the universe how it was meant to be.

Here are a few ways how laughter and fun can cure your symptoms of brain burnout:

Fun and Laughter Boosts Energy Levels

During a burnout phase, you frequently feel tired and without energy. This could be due to the diminished action of dopamine, epinephrine, and glutamate in the brain, which is classically referred to as stimulatory neurotransmitters.

Laughter has been shown to boost endorphins, known to increase motivation and energy levels. Laughter and exercise are two of the best ways to boost your endorphin levels and to be healthy. Also, don’t forget the saying, “laughter is the best medicine!”  Laughter helps you to worry less and remain mentally and physically healthy!

Having Fun Time Makes You Sleep Better

When you are unable to sleep and have low energy levels, this is a classic symptom of burnout. However, when you have some play time it helps you sleep better, and enhances energy levels during the daytime. It will not happen overnight, but when you take time out to laugh and have some fun consistently it can help improve brain burn out, which then translate to sleeping better every night.

Brain burnout Improves YourTolerance When You Have Fun

Sometimes being irritable is not deliberate, but a response to stressors that push you over the edge.  Some people experiencing burnout display reduced patience and tolerance for mistakes, or conversation, and find themselves snapping at everyone around them for seemingly meaningless things.

However, creating a home or workplace that is fun will only serve to benefit everyone, with tolerance and patience improving along the way.

The result? Better social interactions with everyone around you and a smile on your face!

You Increase Self Awareness

During a period of burnout, you lose all self-interest; health starts to fail, you are less motivated to work out, and personal hygiene may start being an issue. These symptoms only make things worse, as people may start to stay away from you, and health complications may occur. Some good old fun can help prevent this eventuality, since as your endorphins increase you are likely to spend more time with yourself, valuing your self-worth.

Fun and Laughter Helps Your Body Moves Better

When suffering from burnout, your body aches, the movement is difficult and you just want to sit and not move all day long. When you have fun, your body anticipates going out and doing things. Psychological pain (or referred pain) fades away unless there is a true cause, and muscles contract better. Serotonin levels also improve, boosting your mood and leaving you less likely to be withdrawn in your shell.

Your Efficiency Explodes

 There is one sure sign that someone is suffering from brain burnout, it is the fact that they get very little done over a long time, and the quality of their productivity seems much lower than usual.

If a break from work is impractical, then the next best thing is to have hearty good times with friends or family.  Doing the silliest of things can make memories forever that bring relief and make the heart lighter. Working harder to gain more money is at times essential, but you need to add some fun to have a balance in life. Otherwise, that kind of stress may just hasten your exit from it.

Laughter is the Remedy for Brain Burnout

Laughter is not the end-all cure for brain burnout but is able to remedy it in cases of simply being overworked without sufficient recreation. Burnout hurts society as a whole, from workplace efficiency to social and family relations. If this proves anything, it is the fact that you should never neglect play in the pursuit of doing more. Enjoy your friends and family and having fun is overall much more healthy and memorable.


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