Developing Self Awareness Can it help you succeed?

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Developing self awareness begins by understanding “what is awareness?” The dictionary definition of ‘awareness’ is to have the knowledge, to have an understanding, to be mindful of something. On top of that, it means knowledge acquired through one’s individual perception.

Being self-aware means recognition of your very own personality. It is a definite understanding of yourself. You become aware of your own strengths,  flaws, philosophies, feelings,  fears, and preferences.

When you gain self-knowledge of your aspirations, thoughts, desires, feelings, and motives, you can begin to understand other people’s perception of you. You will also begin to take control of how you react to people. Developing self awareness will allow you to alter any behavior or thought that is detrimental and/or unproductive. Furthermore, it can help you to take control of your fears and anxiety through continuous development of your good qualities.

Developing Self Awareness Determines What You Want in Life

Self-awareness is the starting point in determining what you want in life. When you start the process of setting your goals, you must first examine those qualities that you have that will allow you to succeed.

As long as you are self-aware you can set goals that will provide total satisfaction. However, personal awareness is not developed by simply reading a book. It has got to be practiced with dedication. When you do that, you will then discover that as you invest time attending to yourself.  When you take the time to reflect, you will soon become highly aware of areas of yourself you did not know existed.  It is then that you to make a deliberate effort of making adjustments to those areas that may be unwanted or causing you difficulty in life.

Self-Awareness Essential to Personal Growth

Personal awareness is essential to your personal growth since it affects the way you view the world and yourself in it. Without self-reflection, your opinion of the world is limited, which makes it harder for you to make sound judgments in life.

In today’s world, people are typically being taught to concentrate on what is happening externally rather than to engage in any sort of self-reflection. Their senses are highly occupied and attention is solely placed on what exactly is taking place in the world. It is fine for you to know what other people are doing, however, this can then lead you to be unaware of what you are doing. Distractions need to minimize particularly when seeking self-discovery.

Being Self Aware Can Make Dreams Achievable

All of us want to be successful in life. But only a handful of us get to live our dreams. Why? Simply because most of us are not self-aware or have refused to be. We are extremely bothered about other people to look into ourselves. Despite the fact that a lot continues to be written concerning being self-aware, many of us on a daily basis just overlook it and don’t make time for it! Once you set time for self-reflection and think about what you like to achieve, it is highly probable that you will succeed. Once you have high levels of personal awareness you gain entry into a world packed with endless possibilities and suddenly all your dreams become achievable. That is if you cultivate the positive characteristics and work on those that are unproductive.

Self-Reflection is a Never-Ending Process

Self-reflection or being self-aware is a process that never ends. It is a life long process and as you continue to experience various things in your life, you will either gain from these experiences or be defeated by them.  Either way, it is your choice, to continue to build a strong character with each experience.  This is achieved by slowing reflecting on each situation, by giving careful thought and using your inner strength to help you through the decision-making process.  Ultimately, this effort will lead you to make the right choice in your life.

Developing Self Awareness Means Looking Back to the Past

So you might choose to develop your self awareness on your own or with some form of guidance.  Yet, if you are carrying a lot of problems from the past, it can certainly be more difficult to do by yourself.  That’s because these problems will cause difficulties within and without. So as this build up is released, you will acquire a better feeling of understanding within.  A therapist, healer or a coach could make a huge difference with regards to developing or expanding your self-awareness.

Gaining Self Awareness on your Own

If you decide to take it upon yourself to developing self awareness keep in mind not to over think it or be self-critical. It begins with understanding your personality.  For instance, are you an introvert or extrovert?  Either way, you already have an insight into your personality. Examine your values, habits, needs and emotions.  Each one of these will give you a clearer understanding of who you are!

It is important to also look at your behavior especially on how you react and deal with certain situations.  While it can be pretty easy to notice the behavior of others and how this affects their life. The same can be said about your own behavior and how it influences your life and others. As you are doing this, you are becoming more aware of your strength and weaknesses. This is good because self-awareness allows you to identify the problem and learn to improve them.  That is called personal growth.  Personal growth is a life-long process, so it’s ok to make mistakes along the way and learn from them.  As you continue this journey of self-knowledge it can increase your motivation as you reach each personal goal and reap the rewards that give you a sense of accomplishment.

To get further understanding ask yourself these questions:

What type of person do you wish to walk down the street with?

What type of person are you willing to wake up each morning with?

What type of person do you want to interact with daily?

What type of person do you want to see before you fall asleep?

That person is you and that person is who you have to love and be happy with before anyone else!

So what type of person do you want to become?

Therefore it’s your job to be that person you desire to be with. To seek and discover who your true self is?  What do you inspire? What to you want to achieve?  What to you want to give back?  What will make you happy is all determined by your self-discovery!  The answers do not come to you overnight. It takes time, but that is life’s journey, to recognize your goals, fulfill your dreams and even to face your fears and anxiety. Ultimately, you want to be someone who understands what it takes to let things go, who’s carefree, can face life challenges, and chooses continued personal growth.  This type of determination and a relentless effort will help you succeed. Therefore this is who you must strive to be and this explains why developing self awareness is important.

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