Too Shy! Tips for Managing Social Anxiety

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Managing social anxiety like everything else is something you need to learn how to do and want to do!  Being in a social situation or the anticipation of one can make you feel nervous and anxious, but if you truly want to feel more comfortable around people it’s time to take action!

The good news is that there are numerous ways that can help in managing social anxiety. By following our easy yet effective tips on overcoming a social phobia, you will be surprised at how simple it can be to get a head start on “graceful socializing.” If you know the secrets to interacting with others it will not be hard to meet new friends and be more outgoing!

1. Managing Social Anxiety by Setting Some Realistic Objectives

When you find yourself in a social setting, set some goals for yourself.  For instance, if you are at work and have to attend a meeting, think of 2 to 3 questions that you want to ask.  The focus here is to speak up not so much what their reaction will be.  The exercise here is to say something out loud and participate in this setting.

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Another example would be is if you are meeting with someone you met before, remember to mention something important that he/she has shared with you in the previous interaction. This basic detail could be anything – it could be a new hairstyle, a book they are reading, a new job they started, a hobby, etc. Just mention some detail to start a conversation, and off you will go!

If you are going to mentions a specific detail from your previous interaction with this person, it will show that you were paying attention to them. In remembering something that mattered to another person will automatically make them feel good and they will respond by warming up to you.

You may still feel a little shy while talking to the other person, but you have just made it much easier to continue the conversation since there would be motivation, a sense of camaraderie to sustain the dialog from both sides.

2. Ask: Why do I feel Anxiety?

When you feel even the slightest bit of nervousness before interacting with someone, try to figure out why you are feeling that way. Try to understand what is really happening to you. Often, breaking it all down into a small dose of reality can give you the courage to socialize and reduce some of the anxiety or shyness you are presently feeling. Asking questions like “why should I feel shy in the first place?” can pinpoint the exact moment that you feel awkward or vulnerable.

Yes, shy people can feel vulnerable during social interactions, and to help alleviate some of this vulnerability you can show yourself that this reality isn’t as bad as your mind perceives it to be. It is possible that you may not completely succeed with one or two attempts, but do not let yourself be discouraged, because other interactions can produce a different outcome. The outcome will eventually be successful.

3.  Complimenting Others.

A most effective way to keep the conversation going is by complimenting the other person. Keep compliments simple and sincere. Too many compliments can backfire as the other person may take them as a sign that you are an insincere person. A simple, yet sincere compliment can change the way the other person views you through his/her rose-colored lenses. Just remember that each person has their own pair of rose-colored lenses and through them, we all see the world differently. That’s a fact! So let them truly see for the good person you truly are!  This is a great way for managing social anxiety.

4.  Watch your Body Language.

Keep in mind that your body language accounts for more than 50% of what is actually being communicated to the other person. Verbal language expresses specific information, but it is your body language that speaks volumes about what you really think and feel. Practice being more open in your gestures, be more relaxed and approachable. Oh yes, and remember to keep smiling and giving out those welcoming and positive vibes.


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