The Secret to Radiating True Beauty

by Physical Wellness Activities

It is a well-known fact that women like to look and feel beautiful; irrespective of the age, every woman out there always wants to be told that they look awesome, and this is probably why most women strive to utilize every means possible you can think of so as to enhance their appearance. It is no doubt that you’re treated better when you’re looking very attractive and pretty, in-fact attractive females often have better chances at dating and getting favors from others. This is why beauty has always been an important aspect of the human race and has always been celebrated in numerous ways; it is often portrayed in art through paintings, music, poetry, photography, and literature.

Although most people believe that beauty can only be achieved through make-ups, weaves, and fancy dresses, this isn’t true at the very least. The fact is that the true beauty of a woman lies within her. Being beautiful goes beyond the outward look that the hours of a great makeover would give you, true beauty is in you itself. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to get a gorgeous face-beat for that Instagram photo and yes, it is quite advisable that you look all charming for your lover for that amazing date. It is also great if you wear your favorite designers to that party because you don’t want to seem left out among your friends, but all these aren’t really all that makes up the beauty of a woman. Have you ever thought about how you would look and feel without the makeup or the cute heels? Would you still feel confident to walk into the crowd and still feel appreciated? Whether you have makeup on or not, as a woman you deserve all the compliments in the world because you are special and you’ve got that kind of beauty that does not need to be exhibited with layers of foundation and powder, you possess the gift of inner beauty.

Indeed, a woman is not supposed to be admired only for her physical appearance, she needs to be also admired because of the inner qualities that she possesses although the ways she reflects it to the world as a whole also matters a whole lot. Even though, it might seem rather hard to understand that inner beauty is very important and necessary since the world we live in happens to hold the physical appearance of a woman in high esteem than her real character or who she really is. Our society is so obsessed with physical appearances that it has pushed several women into believing that they are nothing without having a pretty face and the perfect body shape, and this has led to rejection and depression among many women.    

What then is inner beauty? Inner beauty is that great ingredient that makes a woman beautiful without makeup, it is that amazing energy that radiates from within a woman which makes her glow without restrictions. Inner beauty is what makes a woman still look amazing even when her face is crumpled with wrinkles and fine lines, inner beauty is the true beauty of a woman, it is constant and has no expiration date. Your inner beauty is what helps you feel beautiful even on your bad days. How then does your inner beauty affect your outer beauty?

How Inner Beauty Affects the Outer Beauty

Research has always had it that the internal state of one’s mind has a great effect on the outer body. For example, if you are happy from within, your face will light up and if you feel tense or scared, it will also have an effect on your facial expression. The very importance of exhibiting beauty from within is to make you feel great about yourself even on days when jewelry, dresses, and makeovers can seem to do anything for you. Let’s just say your inner beauty constitutes a great amount of your total beauty. A good lifestyle with amazing thoughts will lead to the production of good hormones thereby resulting in great outer beauty. Now, let’s talk about how to radiate beauty from within.

How to Radiate Beauty from Within

Stop the Comparison: the first step to reflecting inner beauty is to stop comparing yourself to others. You are who you are for a reason and you need to keep reminding yourself of that. Comparing yourself to others would only make you feel inferior and unhappy which would, in turn, make you feel ugly from the inside. The fact is you will always find someone that’s better at something than you. For example, you might have great skin or body shape but the truth is that there will always be someone who has a better body or skin. You are unique in your own way and this is why you need to stop comparing yourself, embrace your distinct qualities and you will find out that your inner beauty would radiate from within. This will also help you to let go of trying to meet the many impossible standards of perfection.

Self-talks are important: stop waiting until when you feel down or dejected before giving yourself positive self-talk. It has often been said that it isn’t aging that makes us feel less pretty, but it is the bad thoughts within us that give rise to ugliness. One viable way to eradicate bad thoughts is to always say positive things to yourself. You can try the mirror talk technique whereby you look at your image in the mirror and affirm yourself that you are more than enough and that you can absolutely achieve anything you set your mind to. Remember that if you feel bitter about yourself or wallow in self-pity, no amount of makeup will ever be enough to hide it as it will affect your energy and would also make you look unattractive in the long run. You are remaining beautiful on the outside has to do with you having amazing thoughts about yourself.

Love Yourself First: no one is capable of truly loving you than you, remember that you would absolutely do anything for yourself. To radiate beauty from inside you, learn to appreciate yourself more regardless of your flaws or past mistakes. Love your whole being and nourish it with awesome things that are good for it, for example; food, rest and exercise. Get rid of negative people who make you feel less of yourself or people that do not contribute to your growth. When you practice self-love, you would only do things that are good for you and wouldn’t allow people to make you think otherwise, only then can negativity get thrown out of the door.

Be Confident: the most attractive quality that you can ever possess is confidence! Your confidence has nothing to do with your skin color, it has nothing to do with your size or shape. Confidence makes you feel pretty and awesome in your own skin, it makes you feel great about your appearance even on your worst days. Make sure you put on the garment of confidence every day you set out as it will help you look and feel amazing. You can build your confidence by doing the following: affirming yourself of your uniqueness every day and maintaining an upright posture that posits that you’ve got everything in control, this will make you feel powerful and confident.

Embrace Gratitude: another way to radiate with beauty from within is to practice gratitude. Although as humans we are mostly bothered about the negative things in our lives and this is quite bad as it does not make us feel good about ourselves. We, however, need to cultivate the attitude of showing gratitude more. Appreciate and focus more on the good things and people that are in your life, this will help change your perspective and would help you embrace positive energy towards life.

Smile More:  being joyous and happy has always been known to be an important ingredient of radiating with beauty from within. smiling always gives your heart an instant glow that will definitely show on the outside. Smiling genuinely is very much attractive and carries along with it every time positivity and warmth.

Be Kind to Others: I have heard from a number of women that they feel good about themselves when they help others or give to the needy. I think there is this sense of fulfillment that comes with seeing other people happy because of your gesture towards them. If you want to feel and look attractive without makeup, be kind to people, a generous heart radiates a natural beauty that everyone around them won’t stop talking about.

Stand Out: true beauty is never about following fashion trends; it is about being comfortable with whom you truly are. Learn to wear outfits that reflect your personality. Learn to express yourself and do things that support your passion and interests, never be scared to stand out, this will help you feel good about yourself.

Pamper Yourself: I truly doubt if there’s anyone who has ever felt bad about themselves after a hot bath or a nice dinner. If you want to bring out your inner radiance, ensure you treat yourself well. Engage in self-care activities from time to time, do things that make you feel great about yourself. You can go on a solo date, get a massage or pedicure, just make sure you do whatever it is that would make your heart feel happy. This does not only help you feel great about yourself but it will also help you appreciate yourself

Surround Yourself with Alike-minds: don’t just go around inviting everyone into your circle, be choosy with who you allow into your life. Always make friends with people who share the same values as you. This is because negative people in your circle would only rob you of your positive energy and go on to make you feel less of who you really are. Spend time with only those who uplift your soul and really see you for who you are.

Invest in Yourself: one of the ways that you can secure confidence is to actually know how to do things that make you stand out. If you really want to radiate beauty from within, learn something new occasionally. There are a lot of ways to learn new skills nowadays because you can learn absolutely anything on the internet, all you need to do is to be determined to know it.

Exercise and Rest: getting enough sleep would absolutely help you to feel better with yourself. Having a decent night’s sleep or a great nap can beat any beauty product any day. Exercises will also help you to channel your inner beauty better and help your body release stress. When you exercise, your body gets a good rush of endorphins which will, in turn, make you feel great both within and outside.

When you do all the above, you will be surprised at the way you will look and feel prettier even without makeup. You will discover that beauty starts with being happy with yourself and this will help you have a positive attitude towards life. True beauty is really about who you are on the inside, it is when you are able to accept that you are not perfect and still feel amazingly happy. Only then can you truthfully radiate and feel great about yourself without any restrictions.

Ultimately, there’s nothing bad in wanting to look your best physically but don’t ever forget that beauty product won’t have a lasting impact on your appearance like your true inner beauty. Your inner beauty helps you to build important qualities that will last you a lifetime and would also improve you in positive ways. This is because beauty goes beyond what the physical eyes can fathom. As females, we need to start teaching our younger generation the importance of exhibiting beauty from within. The world needs to change its idea of beauty and starts appreciating inner beauty better.


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