Stress Anxiety Management by Re-training the Mind

by Mental Calmness

Stress anxiety management is not something that is the result of a simple remedy.  In fact, it may take integrative therapies and/or medication to get anxiety under control. Yet, there is another factor that plays a very important role in healing stress anxiety.

Stress Anxiety Management with a New Mind-Set

The plan for healing stress anxiety begins by developing a way of thinking and acting that is more effective. At times anxiety and stress can make one feel negative and heavily burdened.  So much so, that a person cannot help him or herself to complete the simplest tasks. Yet, the potential of stress anxiety management lies within an individual’s inner strength in finding more hopeful possibilities.

The world we live in can sometimes make a person feel depressed pushing them down into a dark space.   This is caused by the many stresses they experience, as well as, the negative behavior of individuals who do not have their best interest.

Such ways, only inspire anxiety, depression and a negative outlook. Despite this, there is a way of turning negativity into positivity. To attain a positive mind set, it is important to start retraining the mind on actions and behaviors that will help to reduce the effects of stress anxiety and its negativity.  Fortunately, there is a solution within everyone’s reach, that will enable a person to once again take control of their lives. The first step is to decide whether or not they want inner change and accept this challenge wholeheartedly.

Mind Training Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Inner change begins with a self-evaluation of one’s behavior and attitude.  If a behavior, or way of thinking and acting does not benefit them,  or others, then the solution is to “re-train the mind”.  Monitoring the way they think can avoid inner turmoil and destruction!  Negative thinking provokes anxiety and depression. For many this behavior is on autopilot,  it is within their subconscious, but this negative habit can be changed.

The most effective technique for stress anxiety management is to first have an understanding that the way people think influences the severity of anxiety.   So, in order to feel better, a person needs to learn to retrain the mind by choosing to think in a different way.  The goal is to train the mind to thinking more positive.  The choice to do so, is an important one to make, especially when it can make one feel better and decrease anxiety and stress.

Building New Habits and Positive Behavior

Depressed individuals or people with anxiety and stress need to realize that their feeling of hopelessness and fear comes from their negative thoughts.  Unconsciously, they are making negative choices, that make them feel stress and depressed.

Fortunately, when a person becomes aware that their negative thoughts are the cause of how they are presently feeling, they chose to act to prevent it.

To take control of anxiety a person needs to make an active choice to change the way they think or behave

Negative behavior is repetitive after a long period of time, making it a habit is deep-rooted within the subconscious. So, it is important to create new habits or repetitive behavior that re-train the mind to thinking more positively. Creating positive patterns and doing them repeatedly, becomes a part of who we are.  It will allow us to feel better, less negative and depressed.

Re-Wire the Brain for Positivity

An article was written by Walter Chen,” How to Rewire Your Brain for Positivity and Happiness,” explains,… that we have the ability to break out of that negative feedback loop and we can actually rewire our brains to think positivelyUnderstanding how the brain can refashion its own connections is the key to unlocking the durable power of positive thinking.”

He associates repetitive behavior as the “Tetris effect.”  You can retrain your mind to do certain behaviors repeatedly until you master them. Once the pattern or behavior is mastered, then it becomes more automatic, more lasting and sustainable within our minds.  Therefore, repetitive positive behavior can be mastered, sustained within our minds.  Thus, it will boost one’s self-esteem, and increase creativity and productivity.

“Happiness is a work ethic . . . . It’s something that requires our brains to train just like an athlete has to train.”  ~ Shawn Achor

It is important to start retaining and practicing more positive patterns so that we can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.  In doing so, we will live a happier life and increase our well being.

“We can retrain the brain to scan for the good things in life—to help us see more possibility, to feel more energy, and to succeed at higher levels.”  The positive Tetris effect.  ~Shawn Achor

Think of that which makes you happy and continue to create that pattern in your mind, until it becomes a permanent fixture within your mind. Incorporating visualization to help you form movies in your mind of good things that you want to happen to you will become a part of you.  Doing this positive thinking on a regular basis, will slowly convince your subconscious that this positive event or circumstances can become a reality.  The long-term effect will be that this positive pattern will become easier to achieve and stronger in our minds.  This task may not be easy at first but if you put it in practice and stick to it and can help you live a happier life.  Most importantly, when you retrain your mind to think positive and behavior the produces positive outcomes, can reduce anxiety and stress and turn it into a life of hope and endless possibilities.


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