Stop Being Shy! Overcome Social Anxiety

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It really is completely natural to feel shy at occasions, but in the event that shyness is causing you to avoid people, and ignore any interactions with others, then your situation can become unhealthy. It is important to stop being shy and find the necessary resources to overcome your social anxiety.

Luckily, there are easy ways to overcome shyness and anxiety that you can start putting into practice today. These methods develop your self-confidence and enhance your overall communication skills.

The shyness that you experience when relating or interacting with others will slowly disappear as you become more self-assured with your new-found social skills.

Here are some helpful tips to stop being shy:

  1. Train your mind to think more positively.  Most often, chronically shy people concentrate too much on their own emotions and they usually manifest a whole series of thoughts that are detrimental, in terms of socializing with others.

These thoughts and emotions not only make your shyness worse and cause anxiety, but they can also distract or keep you from interacting with others altogether. It takes a lot of energy to keep these negative thoughts and emotions – so it’s time to slowly release them. Take that energy and re-direct them more positively.

From now you should begin to focus less on these negative emotions and thoughts and begin to think about the other person you are going to interact with. Move away from that limiting place that you usually inhabit in your own mind, and focus on your interaction instead.

To continue to live inside this shell, will prevent you from being a more engaging and outgoing person. Also, being too shy will not allow you to fulfill your goals in life.  You can fulfill your dreams as you slowly move away from this restricted place. You will soon realize how hopeful, bright and happy the world can be if only you allow yourself to reach out to others.


 2. Prepare to Initiate a Conversation. Some people can quickly strike up a good conversation in a matter of seconds, but some can’t!  It’s just the way it is – so don’t beat yourself over the head, if you belong to the second group of people. There is nothing wrong with you!  In fact, you have a lot to offer, you can stop being shy, if you initiated a conversation, you will be surprised how easy it is. A simple hello or commenting on what a beautiful day it is a good start, and before you know it you are involved in a conversation with someone, and it may be a pleasant one at that!

What is helpful is “preparation.” Preparing for a conversation with others, may seem like a strange idea, but if you think about it, it’s the perfect remedy for someone who feels nervous about talking to somebody else.

3. How do you prepare to talk to someone? How do you stop being shy?

Well, preparation is as simple as relaxing, taking deep breaths, or even reading something interesting that you can share in an upcoming conversation. You can also rehearse what you want to say prior to speaking. It’s really up to you; there is no one method of how to prepare for a conversation. Only you know what can calm you, and what your points of interests are. So go ahead and use those interests to start a conversation!

4. Evaluate how others perceive you. The worst thing that you can do especially when trying to make new friends is to give the wrong signals to the people around you. Being chronically shy can make your body language react in a certain way and give people the wrong impression.

In fact, it can appear as if you are stuck up or dull when in truth you are probably a very giving and interesting person.

Before you entertain the idea that people generally don’t like you,  first examine how you present yourself to others.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I friendly when someone reaches out to talk to you?

Do I smile when I speak?

Do I appear to be approachable?

Do I make direct eye contact to show interest in what the person is saying?

What about your tone of voice, do you adjust it to match the tone of the other person or is it curt and somewhat indifferent when you respond?

Well, the answer to these questions will give you a better idea of how others perceive you and how you interact with others. Once you evaluate these factors, you will have a better understanding of yourself and begin to make some minor changes that can help overcome your shyness.

Change is possible, but it begins with you! It is your choice and you need the determination to want to change! Go ahead and take action! Why because you CAN!!


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