Social Phobia is Common you are not Alone!

by Dealing with Social Anxiety

Social Phobia is also known as “Social Anxiety Disorder”, or extreme shyness and it involves fears of different situations. Situations that are unfamiliar or may make you feel uncomfortable.

It may seem as if you are the only one that is feeling this way, but there are more people having social anxiety than you think!  Of course, some more severe than others, but everyone at one point in their lives has experienced some kind of shyness or social anxiety when it comes to dealing with certain situations and people.


Just thinking about social situations can cause one to become anxious and nervous, so much so that you want to avoid any kind of social events or gatherings.

There are emotional, physical and behavior symptoms that people display when you are anxious.

Emotionally, you experience constant worry or fear of being criticized.

Physically you can blush and become red in your face, start to sweat, your heart beats faster and even have shortness of breath, or possibly an upset stomach.

Behaviorally, you tend to avoid any kind of interactions with others, so much so that it does not allow you to function or prevents you from doing the things you meant to do.

What are you fearful of?

There are many things that can be going through your mind.  The fear of:

  • Being judged or criticized
  • Embarrassed in public
  • Fear of being watched or evaluated
  • Others will think badly of you
  • You won’t measure up in comparison to others.
  • Fear of public speaking and stuttering
  • Fear of people making fun or laughing at you
  • Others will notice their nervousness in a social situation
  • Fear of being embarrassed or humiliated
  • Feeling Alone and Isolated

These are just a few of the thing that can be frightening to someone with social phobias.   It may seem like you can not doing anything about this, but there are many things that can help.

Although it may feel like you are the only one going through social anxiety, but you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. Being shy is very common and it happens to more people than you know.  It is certain situations that can trigger shyness or anxiety.  These situations can vary among people, but feeling afraid, shy or even alone are feelings shared by many. You are not alone, there are hope and a solution.

What Triggers Social Phobia?

Meeting new People Going on a date
Going to social events or parties making a phone call
Being the center of attention People staring or watching
Making small talk with strangers Using public restrooms
Public speaking in school or work Taking exams
Performing on stage Being pick on in class
Being teased, made fun of or criticized Talking to people in authority

The first step in overcoming shyness or social phobia is to educate yourself and get a better understanding of what is causing the problem.  What triggers your social phobia? You can look at the list above.

Once you identify its source you can begin to make some changes.  These changes involve setting small goals for yourself, by tackling one of your fears.  As you continue to set small goals for yourself and succeed in accomplishing them you will slowly overcome your social phobia.


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