Managing Social Shyness while Interacting with Others

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Social Shyness is actually a natural response to unfamiliar events or situations. It is perfectly fine to feel shy when you first meet someone or when you have to speak before a large crowd, or even when you are asked to do a presentation at work.

Everyone at one time or another has experienced social shyness or even nervousness under normal circumstances, and these feelings go away on its own as the person becomes more familiar and comfortable with their surroundings.

But what happens when a person is chronically shy?

What happens when a person experiences shyness so much that it becomes the focal point of his/her life, so much so that they are afraid to interact with others? And even avoid people completely!

Is shyness a hereditary?

Is it part of our genes? Or is it caused by other environmental factors?

If you have ever experienced this type of social shyness, then you know that it can be socially and emotionally detrimental. Shyness can be almost debilitating and can quickly zap self-confidence out of you. You can find yourself feeling anxious and trapped in social situations.
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There are things that you can do to give you the courage to overcome your social shyness for good.

Here are some great tips to get you started:

Engage in a Conversation: Ask Questions.

1. Generally, shyness begins with the idea that people will not be interested in you or what you have to say! There is always a possibility that may actually happen, so what! No one is better than anyone else we are all humans with flaws. It will not hurt anyone to introduce themselves in social situations.

When you engage in a conversation, 9 times out of 10, you will get a positive response if you take the initiative to introduce yourself. Letting others introduce you often places a gap between you and the other person because you are not really interacting with him/her directly. Instead of adding that unnecessary gap, go ahead and introduce yourself.

So say hello, my name is….! If the other person doesn’t respond that well, (that’s their loss) and find another person to interact with. That’s life – and this is what makes life exciting! There always someone out there that just loves to talk especially about themselves. That is another way to start up a conversation; ask a question and get the other person to talk about themselves.

2. Have a Good Attitude and Be yourself!

In social situations, some people often feel the need to elevate ourselves just to feel accepted among their peers. This is totally an extreme response because of most of the time, people just want to hear something interesting about the person they are talking about.

If you do come across someone who brags about how much money he’s making or how he’s really enjoying a new luxury car he just bought, don’t try to try to do the same. Tone down your description of yourself and you will notice that other people will appreciate your good attitude. This will make interacting with others much easier and you will make new acquaintances that much faster with this method.

3. Present yourself in an Attractive Manner.

Unfortunately, people are usually so preoccupied with their physical appearance when they go out to meet people. Yes, we live in a material world where physical appearance does have a significant value.

However, when we communicate with others with the intention of winning over someone for friendship or acceptance, people will see right through this façade, and not just see your physical appearance, but this outward display or phony projection of yourself. This is not what you want to convey.

It is important to present yourself in an attractive manner, but “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” and it’s your personality and positive attitude that can really stand out, and truly count. This is what will attract people to you and give you self-confidence. So let who you shine through and your will overcome your social shyness.

You have to understand that the way you carry yourself tends to be more socially significant than what you are wearing or what your haircut looks like. If you look stunning in a dress but carry yourself as if you’ve nothing interesting to say, or you’re a loud mouth, that’s the clear message that people will perceive of you when you reach out to others to interact.

Keep that in mind the next time you visualize yourself talking to other people.


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