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Anxiety Relief

Detox Diet Plan

One of the major causes of anxiety and panic attacks is the accumulation of toxins in the body, including the nervous system! Get instant anxiety relief with a detox diet plan. If you are suffering from anxiety and panic, body cleanse will be the best solution for you.

Relieving the toxic load in your body will allow the nervous system to be normal. The reason is that toxic substance like heavy metals, organophosphates and some other chemicals in insecticides, like Methylisothiazolinone and other chemicals have been proven to cause nerve damage. The nerve that is damaged by toxins deteriorates the brain and nervous system function which leads to stress, depression, and anxiety.

Everyone (including wild animals) is loaded with toxins. We live in a toxic world. Therefore, almost everyone can benefit from cleansing the body.

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Why is so Vital to Detox?

Put simply, an occasional detox works because it gives your body a break. By channeling the body’s energies away from dealing with meals and snacks that are difficult to digest and metabolize, and which play havoc with blood sugar, you can free up energy for regeneration and cleansing. A detoxification regime increases your intake of foods and drinks that serve our bodies well as building blocks. A detoxification plan provides protective antioxidants and simultaneously cuts out those habits that rob you of nutrients and optimal health.

 Following a detoxification diet is critical to good health because our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxicity in our everyday lives. Most people can’t avoid everyday pollutants altogether, but they can take steps to protect their health using a healing diet. Once environmental illness is diagnosed, the logical first step to take is removing the offending toxins from a person’s environment and begin body detoxification. Only then can healing begin. Detoxification is the key to getting better.

A detoxification plan doesn’t have to be completely restrictive and boring – actually, it should be fun and tasty! The better the food tastes, the more likely you are to stick to your plan. The definition of a detox diet is pretty simple – remove the foods and ingredients that are causing problems with your health. By removing the offending foods, you allow your body to heal, release built-up congestion and really thrive. Focus on simple, fresh foods and you will have a much easier time detoxifying your diet.

Detox Diet Plan for You!

There are different types of detox diet plans that you can try. There are more types of detoxes than we can list, but these are some of the most healthful and popular.

* Juice Detox – This is literally what it sounds like. You make homemade juices from plants like peaches, cucumbers, and apples. You can even add greens to your juices to make them even more healthful.

* Water Detox – A water detox is exactly what it sounds like. You fast and drink nothing but water. This is a difficult detox to do but one that, under the right circumstances, can be very helpful to figure out what is causing problems.

* Plant-Based Detox – Eating a whole food plant-based diet can work as a detox without having to suffer deprivation. Simply eat plants without a lot of additives, fat, sugar or salt, and you will reap the benefits.

* Raw Food Detox – This is also what it sounds like, but it doesn’t include raw eggs or meat. However, do eat raw plants, fruit, veggies, berries, and in some cases even honey. Enjoy these foods to your heart’s content.

* Elimination Detox – Cut out the foods you think are causing the problem such as dairy, gluten, fat, sugar, salt and so forth until you find the culprit. Remember, sometimes the culprit is a combination of ingredients, so don’t start adding things back until you figure out what it is. Then add food back slowly.

Detoxes can be a very important part of determining what is causing your symptoms. If you have anxiety, stress, skin rashes, headaches, general fatigue, body pain, acne and other issues, trying a detox is important. If you do have diagnosed illnesses such as psoriasis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and even cancer, a detox can make a huge difference in your life. Check with your doctor before starting your detox, though.

Smoothie Detox Cleanse

If you are serious about getting instant anxiety relief with a detox diet plan, then you can pick up a copy of 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. With this detox plan, you will increase your energy level, clear your mind, enhance your mood, boost immune system, and even lose weight. Click here to find out more.

Within the book, you will find easy smoothie recipes to follow and a lot of other great advice to improve your overall health. I found that I have more energy, sleep better, and feel happier. Head on over to Amazon click here. See for yourself what other people have to say about it. Many people have benefited from this detox diet plan. This book has been on the New York Times bestselling list.

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 But What About After?

What to do After a Body Detox

After Body Cleanse Transition to Food Slowly

It is important, to know what to do following a detox. During water fasting, juice fasting, and the Master Cleanse, you will abstain from eating solid foods. The day your cleanse concludes, you might want to jump right into a bag of chips or just enjoy a fine meal. These are natural feelings, but not steps that you should take. Most water fast for at least 5 days, some fast on juice for 2 weeks, and some do the Master Cleanse for a month. During this time, your body has adjusted to not having solid foods; therefore, you need to reintroduce them to your body.

The first day or two after the Master Cleanse, water fasting, or juice fasting, it is advised that you stay away from solid foods. If on the juice fast, your body was provided with some nutrients; therefore, you can work your way up to liquid soups or applesauce. If on the Master Cleanse or a water fast, start with juices first and then start the transition. Although you want the fasting to be over with when the detox is, your body will thank for your making the transition smooth.


Potential to Lose Weight and Continued Healthy Eating

When on a detox diet, you should lose weight. Your weight loss will depend on the diet you selected, as well as your current weight. The less food and calories you consume and the higher you weigh, the more weight you will lose. Even if weight loss was not your main goal, it will be a result you will treasure and appreciate. For that reason, do not waste it. If you don’t already, start to exercise. Even if it is only a mile walk 3 days a week, you can help to keep your gained weight off.

In addition to exercise, you will want to continue eating healthy following a body detox or cleanse. You spent days, if not more, cleansing your body and ridding it of unnatural toxins. So, why just put more in? Now is the perfect time to switch to all-natural, organic foods. If you do not want to make the full-time switch to organic, look for foods that are low in sugar, calories, and fats.


Conclusion of a Detox Diet

At the conclusion of a detox diet, do not return to your normal ways. This is important if you drink large amounts of alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or drink a lot of caffeine. These items are not good for your body. That is why they should be eliminated permanently from your diet. The good news is that following a 10-day or more cleanse, you may no longer feel the need to have a cigarette, your nightly glass of wine, or your daily soda.

It is also important to increase your fiber and drink water. As previously stated, your body just spent days eliminating toxin buildup. Even if you eat healthy, toxins will find a way into your body. A cleanse helped you get a jump on this cleaning, but water and fiber can continue the process on a daily basis. They will make it easier for your body to stay flushed out and clean.

Most important, reintroduce solid foods back into your diet at a slow and steady pace. Once this has been accomplished, keep an eye on the foods and drinks you consume. The healthier they are, the less buildup of toxins you should experience.

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