10 Ways on How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Live a Happier Life!

by Dealing with Social Anxiety

Are you unwilling to interact with people or even afraid to deal with society?

Do you feel that you will always be alone?

Well in this article, I will show various ways on how to overcome social anxiety. Overcoming social anxiety can sometimes be challenging especially when fear has become ingrained within you.  At times, you may steer clear of interpersonal activities due to the overwhelming sensation of inferiority.

You don’t care much on how other people perceive you and want to be left alone. This can slowly be dissolved, even though every public scenario differs, you can decide on ways you react to those events.

Begin to look at social invites as opportunities to build your interpersonal capabilities.  With very little effort you can be more and more at ease at just about every new social gathering or event.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Build Confidence?

Apply any of these effortless ideas to overcoming social anxiety as you build self-confidence along the way.

  • Set Goals to Fulfill.

    As they say “face your fears,” so pick one thing that you are afraid of and challenge yourself to do it.  I have always liked singing but was always too shy to sing in public, so I decided to join a chorus in church, and soon after I slowly improved my confidence, I started singing so my voice could be heard.  I must admit that I was a little shaky at first, but then I became comfortable in my skin and gave it my all.

  • Have a Discussion about Social Anxiety.

    Talk about your interpersonal intimidation with a trustworthy good friend or even a member of the family. Sometimes friends or family can help get you involved in conversations or actions to help in overcoming social anxiety. Use the support of your family and friends to help you through your anxiety.  You are not alone and people are willing to help.

  • Make Inquiries.

    People enjoy discussing things about themselves, so they will be open and ready to answer your personal questions. A great way to get to know strangers and start a conversation would be to inquire further. Inquire about their background, ask them how they love to spend their holidays, or maybe the things they enjoy doing for pleasure. This is a most effective way on how to overcome social anxiety. Individuals are going to obviously share these things with you, and you can also rapidly uncover specific thing you may have in common.

  • Be your Original Self.

    Individuals, in general, wish to get to discover the true you. Moreover, almost all the people you encounter will probably be similarly nervous. Knowing this, you can try being your very own authentic self.  Consequently, you’ll facilitate in making everyone else comfortable when you do this!   Accept your personality assets, as you allow your innermost self to come through. You will find that someone will appreciate those assets and will want to know more about you. Keep in mind; nobody is perfect so there’s absolutely no expectancy that you should either. Just be yourself!

  • Practice Social Skills.

    Rather than staying away from or just refusing social invites completely, get started with accepting invites to lesser known, much less daunting events. Smaller events offer great chances to exercise interpersonal skills and connect with people in a considerably less intimidating environment. Additionally, if the host doesn’t mind, bring someone along to help you feel a lot more comfortable. Make yourself readily available, accept more invites and allow yourself to meet people to learn how to overcome social anxiety.

  • Breathe Deeply and Release Anxiety.

Should you begin to stress or panic take a deep breath, which will help to alleviate stress and panic at any public gathering. If needed, excuse yourself for a couple of minutes and locate a spot where you could be by yourself. Inhale deeply. Breathe in and out with smooth breaths and pay attention to how your chest moves. Keep on inhaling and exhaling until you finally, begin to feel at ease again.  When fresh air circulates to the head it is going to ease off the anxiety and help compose yourself.

  • Prayer and Meditation.

    Seek spiritual counseling if needed. Pray about your panic attacks and request God to alleviate your anxiety. You need only to ask and it will be given to you. Mediation can help once you focus on controlling your breathing, and refocusing your negative thoughts.  Prayer and meditation can bring about clarity and peace of mind

  • Seek Professional Assistance for Anxiety Relief

    Seek professional assistance if needed. Take into account professional advice for help in the event that your panic runs deep. Also, pray regarding your panic and request God to alleviate this anxiety.  You need only to ask and it will be given to you!

  • Enroll in a Club or Group.

    Clubs and groups are excellent places to exercise social conversation, especially when you are doing so with others who show your same interests. Find an organization that aligns with these passions and dreams thereby making a personal obligation to connect with one new individual at each gathering.  You’ll be very impressed at exactly how easily the mutual exchange of views flows whenever you reveal specific things in common with another person.

  • Research Social Anxiety Treatments.

    There are many valuable social anxiety treatments and books that can show you how to overcome social anxiety. These anxiety treatments are all effective ways of overcoming some of your phobias and fears. I  have also recommended a few Programs here.  Many can help provide a fresh new perspective on life and build your self-esteem.  The only way that this will happen is if you take the first step.  The initial step may not always be easy, but you can do it!


It just amazing what you are capable of doing if you at least give it a try.  The hardest part is to take the first step towards doing something that only you CAN do. Once you do, a feeling of pride and self-satisfaction will fill you. Even if you make a mistake or maybe feel a little foolish it’s perfectly OK because you took the initiative toward inner change.

There will be a point in your life that you feel beleaguered in public events.  Fright may impede your capacity to network with others, to set up new contacts,  to be part of social events, but with numerous practices, and following some of these steps for overcoming social anxiety you will be more capable of reaching your goals.

Begin by looking over some of my recommendations here and go from there!  Knowledge is power, the more informed that you become, the better you will feel and be more in control of those anxieties.

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