Healthy Food Habits for a Great Mind and Body Health

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What Can Having Healthy Foods Habits Do For You?

As you know healthy food habits is essential for maintaining the immune system, to stay focus, build energy, maintain a healthy weight, delay aging, reduce chronic heart disease, lengthen your life, and improve moods. Overall there are many benefits to eating right.

Healthy nutrition means eating at the right times and frequencies, taking in the optimal amount of essential nutrients and avoiding or minimizing intake of toxic substances. The need for specific nutrients for an individual depends on many factors for instance: genetics, medical conditions, medications, allergies, previous dietary patterns and exposure to toxic substances in the environment. Generally, an individual needs a steady supply of nutrients for optimal mental and physical health. 

Healthy Food Habits Guidelines

Foods to Have

Eat fruits and vegetables daily that are rich in folate, b vitamins and vitamin c and other antioxidants, fiber and potassium.

Drink pure filtered water and moderate amounts of tea and coffee.

Eat Foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty acids, like nuts, seeds and fish. Should contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)and eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA).

Eat whole grains at least 3 to 5 times daily.

Eat foods rich in protein, low-fat dietary products and sustained raised meat. 

Eat Organic foods and foods rich in natural minerals. 

Eat foods that are locally grown. 

Take dietary supplements when needed.

Start growing your own food. Create organic gardens.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid processed foods or fast foods of any kind.

Carbonated, sweetened drinks and water with heavy metals.

Processed food and drinks with high fructose corn syrup.

Food dyes, artificial flavorings, pesticides, preservatives, meats and dairy from livestock that are fed hormones, antibiotics, and other substances.

Genetically modified foods.

Fried foods. Foods rich in saturated and trans fats.

Foods from developing countries.

Avoid ingestion of tobacco, alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Avoid foods that cause allergies or sensitivities.

Develop Healthy Food Habits

To improve nutrition, it important that to implement good food habits. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Eating meals before you go to bed can make you lethargic and trouble concentrating. It can also interfere with a restful sleep. Have small nutritional snacks between meals can boost brain function and improve memory and mental performance. For optimal brain function, it’s better to have more frequent and smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Crackers or toast that contain carbohydrates helps increase the absorption of tryptophan found in milk, peanut butter and cheese help make serotonin. A feel-good transmitter and melatonin the sleep hormone.
  • Avoid heavy late-night snacks it has been associated with higher rate of depression a low self-esteem. You can have milk or peanut butter and crackers or grain toast and cheese. Having snacks rich in essential nutrient including protein helps you to focus better and have a positive attitude.

Healthy Food Habits Means Avoiding HFCS Sweeteners

When you eat foods with HFCS sweeteners the fructose gets absorbed quickly, increasing your blood sugar levels and creates a surge of insulin which then decrease blood sugar. When you have a large swing in blood sugar your energy supply to the brain results in moods swings, and in the long term can cause Alzheimer disease and depression.

For example, Carbonated beverages generally contain empty calories contributed by sugar or HFCS sweeteners that are associated with fatigue, obesity, cavities and weak bones and swings in blood sugar.

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame that some people are sensitive too. It can also cause seizures and manic moods. It can cause people with depression to develop worse symptoms. So, it’s important to eat the right fruits to maintain blood sugar levels and stabilize your moods.

Eat Fruits to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Eating fruit provides fiber and many other nutrients and gets slowly absorb to help maintain blood sugar levels more stable between meals. Fruits are rich in antioxidants which help the brain function better, decrease mood swings and may help improve memory as we age. It is recommended that you eat fresh fruits like melons, plums, pears, cherries, berries apples, and plums. Keep in mind, that the deeper the color of the fruit and vegetable the richer it is in micronutrients your brain needs to do its best. Most importantly fruits can also help you reach and maintain a healthy weight and prevent chronic diseases.

Learn to Pair Quick Carbs with Slow Digesting Foods

To help maintain your blood glucose levels, you need to make it a habit of pairing foods that are quick absorbing, with foods that can slow up their breakdown within your digestive system. For instance, you can combine white rice with stir-fried beef and add some high-fiber beans to slow digestion and keep the rice from increasing your blood sugars.

Eat foods with Healthy Balanced Proteins

The protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks of many brain messengers or neurotransmitters needed for the brain. The brain also needs certain vitamins and carbohydrates for this building process. So it’s important to have protein-rich foods like soy, beans, nuts, fish, meat, and dairy products that contain essential B vitamins, iron, and magnesium, zinc that is needed for optimal brain function. These carbohydrates are easily digested and absorbed at a slow rate.

Essential use of Choline in the Body

The brain is made up of 60% fat and the membrane surrounding every cell is made of mostly fat. The fat lining every cell contains choline which is the brains important chemical messenger, Acetylcholine. Choline has many benefits, it can boost brain function and retain memory. Choline is also important in makings adenosyl methionine which plays an important role in affecting mood. It supports the central nervous system and Maintains Healthy Liver Function. In addition, Choline helps to improve mental energy, focus, and concentration, which are all essential for physical activity and athletic performance.

Rich source of choline includes egg yolk, fish, dairy products, beans liver, beef, salmon, cauliflower, peanuts other nuts, spinach and broccoli Brussel sprouts.

Importance of Omega Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acid like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA_ and eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA) are important for healthy brain growth. DHA is also important for developmental behavior and learning ability People who eat diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids (fish) have a lower rate of depression than people who don’t eat such foods. Fish is brain food so it’s important to have a minimum of 650 mg of EPA/DHA combined per day.

Avoid Fatty Acids in Fast Foods

Stay away from fatty acids found in fast foods promote inflammation in the brain and is connected to depression and having memory problems. Also, it has high in calories linked to obesity. Inflammation is also linked to joint pain, heart disease, and diabetes.

Healthy Food Habits Promote Mental  and Physical Health

Remember to promote mental, emotional and physical wellness you need proper nutrition. With optimal nutrition you will be:

  • Better mood, feeling calmer and more confident
  • More focus and energetic
  • Reach and maintain optimal weight and self-esteem
  • Stronger immune system.

So, you need to eat Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner and avoid late snacks

Eat smaller and frequent meals.

Eat proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, eat organic foods, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables at least 5-9 servings daily. Try to also eat whole grain rich in essential nutrients.

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