Top 7 Healing Gemstones for Anxiety Relief

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Since ancient times, there are healing gemstones that have been used for Anxiety Relief and to decrease stress. Overall, it’s been said crystals are able to help in the healing of certain issues as well as bringing good health and happiness. But, every crystal has its own unique properties and it can be best for specific purposes.

Anxiety and stress are one of the most common conditions that hinder people from living their lives normally and sustaining meaningful interpersonal relationships. While feelings of fear, nervousness, stress and social anxiety are fairly normal, it comes to the time that excessive uneasiness happens.

These behaviors typically become compulsive and end up in  panic attacks. When dealing with anxiety and stress, it can be very scary.  It is true that in serious cases professional help is most important. But, in minor cases, the use of healing crystals can be very beneficial for anxiety relief.

Top 7 Healing Gemstones for Anxiety Relief

Here are the top 7 crystals that can be used for coping with anxiety and relieve stress. These are:healing gemstones

  1. Amethyst  

Amethyst is the crystal that is known as “The All Purpose Stone” because it can be used for various purposes. The amethyst comes in various shades and hues of violet from light violet down to purple. This crystal is capable of clearing the confusion in your mind, relieving stress and anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.

healing gemstones for anxiety

  1. Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is one of the favorite crystals which can be used for protection. Infact, it is even considered as one of the top stones for protection, and can even absorb negative energy. Black Tourmaline can then transmute negative energy to positive energy which can help relieve stress and anxiety.


  1. AQUAMARINEhealing gemstones for anxiety

The aquamarine stone is also one of the crystals which can be used when you are confused or are stressed. It is a  stone capable of calming your nerves and putting a soothing feeling over your stress. When you are irritable, nervous or afraid, keeping it to your person can make you feel safe and cozy.


  1. Smoky Quartz

healing gemstones for anxietyThe smoky quartz is one of the crystals said to ground and anchor you with Mother Gaia for protection. With smoky quartz, you can be protected from negative influences and transmute it back to the ground. It can protect you from negativities in your surroundings which will also aid in keeping away stress and anxiety.


  1. Labradorite

healing gemstones for anxietyThe labradorite crystal is for transformation and is effective in enhancing your strength. It balances your aura, grounds your spiritual agencies and raises your consciousness. It is also capable of removing your fears and to have more confidence and trust with yourself.


  1. Howlite

healing gemstones for anxietyThe howlite is a wonder stone capable of decreasing the critical state of your mind. This stone is naturally white and helps with stress and anxiety. Apart from relieving your stress, it can help decrease your feelings of anger. This way, you can go through the day with minimal problems and your nerves kept calm.


  1. Kunzite

healing gemstones for anxietyKunzite crystals are said to have high vibrations which can heal relationships and help you release negative feelings or thoughts. It can help relieve your mood and help your emotional problems including anxiety and stress. Kunzite is especially one of the stones that can help release your tensions that make you panicky and irritable.



These are  7 Healing gemstones for anxiety and stress relief, and you can use any one of them or a combination of, to carry, wear as jewelry or to keep near you to reduce anxiety.  It is recommended you cleanse your crystal for anxiety before you use it.  You can cleanse them of negativity in numerous ways: with sound, smudging with sage, placing them in rice overnight, or exposing them to the power of the moonlight.


Please Note:  Healing gemstones are not a medical treatment and should not be used to replace any treatment or medication you have.  Crystals for anxiety can be used along with other anti-anxiety resources.  Always remember to consult with your health care specialist for your medical needs.


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