Get an Attitude Adjustment to Calm your Nerves

by Personal Growth-Self-Care

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

I am sure you have heard this saying many times, and it is a reminder of how important it is to do a self-assessment that scrutinizes what it is you are about to do and consider the possible consequences of those actions.

In undertaking an accurate self-assessment you come to realize that the outcome of any action is beneficial when a person has a positive attitude.

Sometimes it takes getting an attitude adjustment, to help you develop a positive mindset or a good attitude, but in order to achieve this, you need to want to change!

How you React to your Circumstances Determines the Outcome

A positive mindset can help you overcome difficult circumstances beyond your control. Your interpretation of these circumstances will determine the outcome of happiness. If you take the time to separate irrational behavior and start to compartmentalize each of your problems you will be able to tackle them one by one with calmness and with a clearer perspective.

A negative interpretation will definitely bring unhappiness to any situation in your life, particularly if you react in a very negative way. For example, if you are experiencing, anxiety, worry, anger or any kind of negative behavior it will bring about a negative outcome. But if you develop a positive attitude then your circumstances will improve.

You can learn to cultivate this attitude by looking at things with some objectivity. Emotions such as anger or fear need to be put aside and replaced with hope, faith and positive thinking.

As you refocus your thoughts and actions towards something of meaning and substance your circumstances will change and improve. Try to simplify your life and appreciate the simple things in life. Smile more, surround yourself with passionate and positive people. Take responsibility what can happen in your life. It is your choice and in your hands!

Positive Thinking Shifts Negative Thoughts

In order to change your negative thought process to more positive ones, you simply need to choose your words more carefully. What you say has a great impact on your thoughts and actions. If your vocabulary is filled with positive affirmations, it will help you think more clearly, and allow you to make clearer decisions.  It will also allow you to clearly concentrate on the task at hand, and to accomplish all your set goals. “Remember positive thoughts attracts positive results!”

Remind yourself that whatever is trying to defeat you, is defeated, with your strong sense of self. When you faced with difficulties in your life doesn’t mean that you cave in and become weak. It means that you take it as a challenge you develop a strong character that will get you through. You cannot let whatever is happening at the moment, to prevent you from moving forward and being happy.

Rise up and say,

I don’t care how hard this is,

I don’t care how hurt and disappointed I am,

I am not going to let this beat me!

I am moving on with my life and conquer all difficulties!”

This is an example of positive affirmations that will uplift you. Do not let your negative thoughts overcome positive action, and never give up on yourself and your loved ones around you. If you look at history you will find many stories of those who have overcome unimaginable difficulties by simply having a good attitude.

Create a Good Attitude by Appreciating Life

Experts suggest that you begin to think of all the good things in your life, in order to take you away from the negative feelings you may presently have. Look around and appreciate all the goodness that is around you.

Jumping for Joy

Remember to count your blessings:

Do you have a loving family?

Do you have great friends?

Do you have a good job or a beautiful home etc?

Think of all that you have already accomplished and have yet to look forward to fulfilling.

Achieving Holistic Wellness with an Attitude Adjustment

A positive attitude is sometimes not so easily attained particularly when one is angry, sad or going through some kind of difficulty in life. Yet, if you get an attitude-adjustment that will help you to reprogram the way you think and act then you will succeed in dealing with the day-to-day stress. Keep in mind that stress and anxiety can bring about mental, psychological, emotional and even physical illness, but you can do something to prevent this.

When you have a positive mindset you will choose to live a healthier life by incorporating exercise, eating good food, getting enough rest, seeking spiritual growth, and doing the things that make you happy. You will have successfully attained holistic wellness and a holistic lifestyle that addresses all aspects of your life.

Happiness comes with work and inner change…

…it is finding a good attitude,

… thinking positively,

…learning to adjust and deal with circumstances beyond your control,

only then will you discover happiness in your life. – Iris LaFlor


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