Find Stress and Anxiety with Self Love

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Stress and anxiety relief can be achieved through self-love.  Yet, there are many sufferers of stress and anxiety that are continuously afflicted by external factors; mental and physical conditions; or a combination of any of these factors.  They tend to get overwhelmed by these conditions and forget to recognize their self-worth. In spite of what they are undergoing, they need to be reminded that they are worthy.

So what is Self-Love?

To love yourself means to value all the good qualities that you possess.  It is to value every essence of your being,  which makes up who you truly are.

love your self

Loving yourself is not just about cultivating your outer beauty, but more importantly, it is the nurturing of one’s inner beauty.

Stress and anxiety relief can be attained by recognizing the virtues that make you unique from everyone else.  Your gifts can consist of intelligence, compassion, understanding,  that you are great with children, or have a gift for music, or writing.

These are just a few examples, but you need to identify for yourself what those gifts are and focus on them.  As you value your virtues and grow more confident,  you will realize that you can make a positive difference in this world.

Remember When you value your gifts and talents, it means…

to love yourself,

to respect yourself, and

to have others respect you!

Stress and Anxiety Relief: How to love yourself?

When you focus more on those things that can create happiness or provide a sense of fulfillment, it can help overcome any fear or anxiety that you may have.  You are too busy enjoying life, and focusing less on your fears.

Pursue interesting hobbies, go back to school, go out with friends and family, and continue your mental and emotional growth as well as staying physically fit. It will be through those interests, hobbies or spending time with your friends that will make you complete.  It will build up your Self-Esteem.

Simply find the things that make you happy,

that which you look forward to doing,

that which allows you to be creative, and

nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.

I have found that I love to help people through my writing here on this site. There have been times in my life when I have felt hurt or overwhelmed with grief, stress, and anxiety.  Yet the love that I have for helping others, overcame that feeling.

For you, it could be something else that you enjoy doing.  Sometimes in helping others, you help yourself.  You can overcome obstacles, and in doing so, you learn to love yourself, because you are productive and giving.

Stress and anxiety can sometimes overwhelm you, but you can take control of our life, by taking some form of action.  One step at the time, it can be done, but this will take courage.

Personal Growth When Loving Yourself

No one is perfect, and at times we should accept those imperfections with the good.  You can accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative by building up your inner strengths!

If there are things about you that you may not like, you can strive to improve yourself.

  • Look deeply inside yourself and heal the wounds that caused you to believe that your perspectives are not valid.
  • Begin to acknowledge that you do possess characteristics, gifts or talents and embrace those truths.
  • Do not focus so much on the negative, focus on cultivating your strengths.
  • View both your achievements and your failures objectively, do not become so emotionally judgmental.
  • Don’t become conceited or beat yourself up, instead remain centered and grounded.
  • Do not conform to a life that you think you should live.  Allow your instincts and strengths to naturally lead you toward the life you’re meant to live!

Loving yourself will allow you to see and appreciate all your blessings in your life. You are hopeful and enjoy all the good things that life can bring. Allow yourself to emanate positive energy, light, and love.  When you do, you will find anxiety relief and know that love and positivity override all your fears. Remember improvement happens slowly, and you can find stress and anxiety relief, you just need to create a plan for personal growth, and you will see positive change during the course of your life.

Now you understand How to love yourself, remember to

Be confident, Believe and Be True to Yourself!

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