Fear of Girls- Overcoming Shyness

by Dealing with Social Anxiety

If you are dealing with a fear of girls, you first must ask yourself what it is that you are so afraid of. Is it a fear of speaking to girls, a fear of being rejected, or do you just deal with fear and anxiety on a general level?

The most important thing that you understand is, that even if you have a fear of girls it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

At the root of any fear is anxiety and anxiety frequently takes control of your life. To beat your fear of girls, you must first deal with the anxiety driving it.

There are several holistic ways to deal with fear of girls:

Start Your Day Right

Many people dealing with fear and anxiety skip the most important meal of the day. Start your day right by having eggs for breakfast they’re packed with protein, filling, and a great source of choline. Low choline levels increase in anxiety, so just by starting your day with an egg breakfast you can relieve some of your anxiety.

Reduce your Fear of Girls – Change of Mind Set

When you’re dealing with a fear of girls and anxiety it’s easy to slip into a negative mindset. This is known as catastrophizing, or catastrophic thinking. It is when your mind creates irrational thoughts that have the worst possible outcome and beyond.


Breathing Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It’s important to stop this thinking in its tracks. When you feel overcome by this type of thinking take a walk, try taking some deep breaths, and consider how likely the catastrophic result is. Chances are the catastrophic outcome that you have envisaged is less likely when you assess it after calming yourself. There are very few events in life that change its trajectory. When we are dealing with anxiety, we allow our thoughts to grow out of control.

Mindfulness to Deal with Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation is particularly successful in dealing with anxiety, and as such can also be helpful for dealing with a fear of girls. It’s easy to do at home, or in school or at the office. It takes just a moment to close your eyes and pay attention to the moment at hand. Process your thoughts and feelings without judging, and let them pass naturally. Experience the smells around you, and breathe deeply to keep yourself calm.

You can’t be anxious while you are breathing deeply, which makes it the perfect way to lower your stress levels, reduce your anxiety, and thus relieve your fear of girls.

Exhale through your mouth completely, now breathe in through your nose while counting to 4. Hold it while you count to seven, and release it slowly while counting to eight. You can do this a few times a day, or whenever you feel fear overcoming you.

guy fear of dyingGive yourself some Credit

We all have a fear of something, and most of us deal with anxiety at some point. There no need to be ashamed of it, and it’s how we handle it and chooses to overcome that defines us not the fear itself.

When you are aware of those anxious thoughts, give yourself credit. Because you’re taking control of your situation, and you’re taking steps to overcome your fear of girls. Set a plan in motion by taking small steps to overcome your fear of girls.

Set a Plan in Motion

If there is someone you like for example at work, simply begin by saying hello or give her a sincere compliment.  Ask about her hobbies and other things that she enjoys doing. Asking questions and showing interest in that person is the initial step to overcoming your fear of girls.  Before you know it, you are involved in a conversation, feeling relaxed and confident.


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