Fear of Being Alone- Coping with Loneliness

by Dealing with Social Anxiety

Most of us have experienced the fear of being alone at some time in our lives. For most people, that’s no big deal. But for some, this fear can have a huge impact on their physical and mental health. In this article, we will explain what fear of being alone is and how you can cope with this kind of fear.

As long as it’s under control of the individual, being alone is often felt as something pleasant and positive. However, when being alone is equivalent to exclusion from other people, the experience might be the other way around.  Also, when people feel lonely and don’t choose to be alone, they may feel disconnected or alienated from the rest of the world. In addition, feeling lonely might even make people depressed, anxious or insecure.

Furthermore, science calls the fear of being alone ‘monophobia’.  People diagnosed with monophobia, or who recognize themselves in the description, often refuse to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom when they are alone. Physically, the condition may become visible in symptoms such as sweating, numbness, or feeling unsteady. To find out about the origin of the fear of being alone, one should go back to early childhood where perhaps a frightening experience took place. Other factors that may lead this particular fear are anxiety, bad relationships, poor housing or long-term stress.

Acknowledge your Fear of Being Alone

The first thing is to admit that you have a problem with being alone.  Acknowledge that you do have the strength within you to overcome it. You can learn to control the fear of being alone through “Reality Therapy.” It will help you to take control of your own life by dealing with the “here and now.” It is important to learn from your past and move ahead. So “Reality Therapy” is a counseling that will identify and help you to focus on what you want now, as well as, setting goals to accomplish in the future.

You will no longer focus on the past, and begin to take action and change your behavior. Once you start to change your behavior and your way of thinking, you will want to make changes. Your plan will enable you to make better choices, and you will feel better as you get closer to attaining your heart’s desire.

Healing From the Fear of Being Alone

There are ways of healing your fear of being alone! One of the ways to help ease loneliness is getting a pet for companionship. It is called “animal assisted therapy” or pet therapy. It has been known that having a pet is very therapeutic. Animals give out unconditional love and are always happy to see you and share that love! The comfort that you will receive will make you feel less afraid and lonely.

Positive Affirmations help you feel more Confident

Words have an effect on how you feel and think especially positive words of affirmation. Through positive affirmations, you’ll discover good things about the world around you and especially about oneself. You learn to recognize your good attributes as you empower yourself with positivity. So begin your day with positivity and become your own best friend.  Repeat these positive affirmations:

I am comfortable with myself and enjoy my company.
I make the most of my alone time.
I treat myself with love and respect
I am productive when I am alone.
I am confident and in touch with my true self.

Try  a Positive Affirmation Software

Subliminal 360 is powerful subliminal software. It flashes thousands of positive affirmations on your computer while you work, helping you to reprogram your subconscious and improve your life!  When you are listening to these positive affirmations it will help change your inner mind, your thinking, and your behavior.
It will motivate and inspire you to take action and especially to feel good about yourself.   It can also stimulate brain power and improve creative learning. You can download an MP3 and take it with you!  Try Subliminal 360 now!

The Internet Offers Resources to Feel Less Lonely

There are times when all you want is someone you can share the things that you love, like music, art or maybe you just want someone to love.  Below you will find a list of Apps that can help you connect with people and feel less lonely.  Some of the Apps are free and can help you to make new friends, find others with common interests and can promote positivity and joy in your life.


Being Alone Can Be a Good thing

Consider that it’s perfectly healthy to be alone from time to time. Imagine a really busy day at work, and the peace and quietness you can find at home once you are alone. When you are alone or when you have some alone time for yourself, it is very useful to gather your thoughts. Thus, try to enjoy being alone. Imagine the time you could have when you’re not frightened anymore, think of everything you could do.

Ask yourself:

What are the things you like to do?

What makes you happy?

Try to fill your time alone doing something you like that will give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Take the First Steps to Socialize

It’s important that you go out and actually talk to people in real life.  Perhaps give a simple hello to someone you encounter in your day. If you are at work try to make a friend that you can have lunch with.

You should also be aware not to involve yourself in a relationship with the wrong person, just so that you’re not lonely.  Never accept behavior that is inappropriate just because of your fear. You’re better than that and you will find yourself much happier and with less fear when you surround yourself with loving people who really care about you.

Besides these steps that you can take in order to overcome the fear of being alone, you could rely on breathing and relaxation techniques such as doing yoga and mediation.

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