How to Develop Good Character Traits?

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How to Develop Good Character Traits

Developing good character traits evolves over time.  It is affected by the choices we make and by our life experiences good or bad.  It is important to realize that our good habits, for example, eating right, exercising frequently, having spiritual practices and reading often influence who we are, and nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  When we have good habits we have inner goodness and peace.  Good habits lead to good character traits.  So, it’s never too late, there is always an opportunity to improve our character. Some of the things we can do to develop good character traits include:

Control your Thoughts

Every action you take is first conceived as a thought, the thoughts we occupy our mind with daily determines our actions and this forms the character we exhibit. Humans generally are built with a powerful mind and are constantly thinking about a situation or issue so it is important to safeguard these thoughts by restricting them to positive thinking always.

If your thoughts are predominantly evil or of bad intentions, you will most likely act according to such thoughts but if your thoughts are of kindness and of good intentions then chances are you will exhibit good character traits.  The same applies to thoughts consisting of fear, anger, stress, and anxiety.  We are what we think, and it is manifested in our personality and character.  So, we must consistently harbor good thoughts that improve our life and that of those around us. Controlling thoughts is a delicate process, a habit that requires self-discipline and a resolve to be a better person.

Be Humble Always

Not everyone understands the virtue of humility and what benefits it affords those who exhibit it. Humility is to be modest, devoid of pride, respecting the wishes of others as well as meekness. To build a good character you must understand what humility is all about and how you can influence others through it.

Humility is golden, nothing can compare with it. Humility enables us to see ourselves as equal to others. To accept our flaws and mistakes. It is not easy to accept one’s mistakes as many of us enjoy hearing good things about ourselves rather than the truth. However, accepting them helps us take responsibility for them and deal with them accordingly. With this, we develop a better integrity and our character grows to even higher levels. This higher level teaches us compassion for others and for ourselves.

Build Integrity

Integrity is vital to building a good character. Many of us are not bothered about integrity but it is actually very important in character development. When there is integrity, there is honesty. People who care about their name and leading a good life are always watchful not to tarnish their image and damn their integrity.

Inasmuch as it may seem difficult to practice, it is built on the determination to be the best and show forth a good character. When there is integrity, you will strive to help others genuinely without seeking your personal gain thereby building a large circle of friends that truly trust you and can vouch for you all the time. The possession and steadfast adherence to high moral principles breed integrity.

Be Disciplined

Discipline is a direct end product of self-control. When you control what you think and what you do, you gradually develop a high self-discipline which is critical to the type of person you eventually become.

Discipline is a prerequisite for success. Without discipline, you cannot develop a good character trait necessary for purposeful living. After careful consideration and proper thoughts and then deciding to discipline yourself in a certain aspect of your life, you must totally devote your all to it, not allowing anything or anyone interferes with your goal and you must be committed to actualizing your aim.

If you want to control circumstances and situations around you, you must first control yourself. Self-discipline is important at all times and you must strive to deliberately learn it at all cost. If you master it you can easily go through life knowing what to and what not to do.

Nourish Your Spirituality

Focusing on your spirituality is not something you think about doing in your daily life.  You find that you are just too busy with other aspects of your life that take precedence over your spirituality, when in fact, it should be just as important as you feed your body with food.

Whether it is through prayer, yoga, meditation or just spending some quiet time to reflect on yourself, this action will enable you to provide some form of nourishment for within.  Otherwise, your inner self is going to feel empty or possibly even depressed.

Enlightenment of your spiritual self can offer you something of great value. It will provide you with self-confidence, boost self-esteem, create inner peace, a desire to live and be productive.  If you are in a dark place the only way out is to seek spiritual guidance.

When you are a spiritual person it will provide you with good character traits that will enable you to be a good person.  A person with spiritual awareness will be one that will make wise choices not only for themselves but for those they love. This will be a person that is happy with whom they are, and will make the best out of what life has to offer.

Show Respect

Learning to respect yourself enables you to respect others.  Being respectful is one of the most important character traits a person can have.

At times, you can be short-tempered, tired or just in hurry to get where you are going, or need to finish what you need to do for that day. Yet, if you make the effort to use some courtesy or respect for that person you not only accomplish your goal for that day, but you will make someone feel good.  It shows that you are a person with good character.

Being respectful can be a very contagious thing.  Once you start it catches on because it makes the person you are dealing with feel good about themselves.  It will also make you feel good as well.  So be respectful, it will definitely make for a better day and a better world to live in.

 Nurture Relationships

Through the power of love, we can nurture all our relationships in our life.  Love is the one thing that will help change lives and bring humanity together.  Love is a power that can be used to unite, to learn patience, open-mindedness, and stop destruction and evil.  We sometimes get all caught up in the situation or drama that love gets pushed aside and causes turmoil.  Put love first especially with those you care about, and especially with those you do not know.  A simple act or word of kindness is the beginning of developing not only good character traits but peace for all.

These are 7 tips on what you can do to develop good character traits. We live with people daily and we are frequently having difficulties dealing with them. A good character developed from the aforementioned tips can help build a greater understanding of how to deal with people or situations without it affecting your psyche or personality. It allows us to become more comfortable interacting with others while building confidence and a sense of goodness within.

We must develop it for ourselves now because we can be the change the world needs at this time. We must learn to control our mind and fill it with good thoughts.  Practice them regularly and over time they would become habits that will form good character traits.

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