Coping with Anxiety Anywhere – Learn How!

by Mental Calmness

There are various ways for coping with anxiety that can aid you during a panic attack, despite where one occurs. One of the most vital keys to coping with anxiety attack in different places is preparation.


It is essential that you are prepared to handle anxiety and take control quickly. Below you will find 7 ways of coping with anxiety anywhere.


1. Note Pad Method for Anxiety and Panic Attack

A notepad can be an excellent way to maintain ideas for panic attacks and serve as reminders to those things that can help reduce your anxiety. Make sure you have this notepad accessible to you at home, your workplace and while you are traveling.


For those that use an iPad, iPhone, an Android or any recording device, you can easily download a notepad app that provides quick access to all your helpful anti-anxiety hints.


For Android phones you can use the Classic Notes Lite – Notepad  or something like Evernote which can be used to create text, add photos and audio notes on your phone. These applications can be used to keep a list of helpful reminders that will aid in relieving your anxiety.


2. Allow Yourself to Express What You Are Feeling

One of the things that you can do is to allow yourself to express what you are feeling. Go with the flow of what you are feeling, do not resist the sensation. Establish a natural flow with your body. You will ride this wave of anxiety, let the feeling happen and do not fight it. Repeat this until your confidence is back, and you realize that your body is able to handle anxiety.


One of the programs that shows you how to do this is Panic Away Program created by Barry McDonagh who has taught people over the past 10 years how to end their anxiety and panic attacks fast. Who better to learn from than someone who has actually experienced anxiety themselves. This program is one of the best anxiety attack remedies that is available. Many people have used his techniques and have improved immensely.


To get a better idea of what this program is about you can download this ‘Rapid Relief’ audio for free, and take wherever you are. It will help you to relieve stress quickly. It’s a small step but an effective one.


Click here and Download your Free Panic Away Audio


3. Don’t Fight Anxiety but Control it!

Another way for coping with anxiety is when you feel an anxiety attack coming on, you should not try to fight it. Begin by repeating calming phrases on your own slowly and silently. Such phrases could include:

“I will be fine; this is temporary. “
“Everything will be alright.”
“I will get through this!”
” I am Strong and Confident”

Reminding yourself that you and your physical body are not out of control and as you continue this exercise, it will help you get control of your stressful thoughts and actions.


Keep reminding yourself that you can be healed from panic attacks. Remember that this moment will pass, and the more you believe this, the more successful you will be at reducing and perhaps ending your anxiety!


4. Calming Breathing Exercises for Anxiety:

Along with your positive thinking affirmations, you need to also implement some breathing exercises. At times, when you are so stressed out, one tends not to breath in air properly. Deep breathing is a great way to calm yourself down again and slowly get relaxed. You can download breathing exercises for anxiety from itunes through the link below.


5. Soothing Music to Calm Anxiety

Music is calming and soothing, so you may want to keep your favorite songs at hand. Keep your relaxing songs with you at all times. Any electronic device can aid in this.

Hearing relaxing itunes can minimize signs and symptoms of anxiety, as well as stop one before it ends up being full blown.


You can download calming music via itunes. Here is a few that I enjoy listening too:


6. Coping with Anxiety – First Aid Package

What can also be helpful is to have a first-aid package for anxiety attack which can be handy in preventing anxiety attack despite where they could happen to be. Things that can be useful to have in such a kit include soothing essential oils, aromatic candles, dark chocolate, a beverage and also a healthy treat such as granola bars and even string cheese or dried out fruit.


7. Contact Information When Symptoms of Panic Attack Occurs

It’s important to remember to have a checklist of phone numbers for people that you really feel secure in contacting when you feel a panic attack starting. Be sure to write down also familiar numbers as it can be hard to remember them in the event of a panic attack.

It could also be valuable to list crisis hotline numbers. Talking to someone can give a feeling of comfort and can also help in case of a panic attack.


Here is the number to the Samaritans 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (212) 673-3000 or you can call

  • 24/7 Crisis Support
  • Call 775-784-8090
  • Text “ANSWER” to 839863


Food for Thought

Coping with anxiety during very stressful situations can be difficult but I found these suggestions can be very effective. It does take a lot of effort on your part, especially during an episode of anxiety.  But the more you implement these recommendations the more second nature it all becomes. If you have some preparation, it will help you to feel more empowered and in control of your anxiety.

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