The are the simplest and most taken for granted things that surround us daily. Individuals are entitled to have a happy and worry free life, but somewhere along the way, we are confronted with anxiety and depression. Bad circumstances can not always be avoided and they tend to put the quality of life at a great compromise. Anyone suffering from anxiety deserves ultimate relief. However, few individuals do, and this is because options for treating or overcoming anxiety naturally are not really popular.

Therapies are costly and medications can be risky and can sometimes result in personality changes. So medications aren’t always the best alternatives for anxiety that is why many individuals resort to the best home remedies for anxiety.

Discover the Best Home Remedies for Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, do not fret. There are ways on how you can improve your ability to cope or overcome anxiety even at the comfort of your own home.  Anxiety does not always require long and costly treatments and with the following best home remedies for anxiety, you will surely be able to cut down the symptoms:

  • Tap on the Power of Natural Sunlight

Going outside for at least 15 minutes every day to get natural sunlight can be one of the simple yet effective home remedies for anxiety. This short minute- break is proven to be one of the ideal natural ways to increase vitamin D levels which further reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  The sun makes you truly feel good and if you can combine that with the ocean water you are set.

  • The Ocean

When you look at the beauty of the ocean there is no choice but to react with awe.   You are overcome with a feeling of peace and admiration at the same time. We may not alway have access to the ocean, but you can bring the ambiance of the ocean within the home. There are beautiful art work of the ocean that you can find.  You can also listen to the Ocean Waves: Calming Sounds of the Sea (Nature sounds, Deep Sleep Music, Meditation, Relaxation Ocean Sounds).  There is nothing that compares to the soothing breeze and relaxing sounds of the ocean.

  • Exercise Release Negative Energy:

Exercising is also one of the best home remedies for anxiety. Individuals can consider this home treatment not just beneficial for physical health but also for mental health. Exercising helps regulate the hormones causing anxiety and burning away the stress hormones and finally releasing unused energy.

  • Using Latest Technology to Beat Anxiety

Technology is commonly a bad thing for individuals with anxiety. This excites the human brain too much without giving a release of excitement and can increase the anxiety overall. However, some level of technology can be very beneficial to those individuals with panic disorders or anxiety disorders.  It can be helpful in creating a distraction for your senses which will help you focus less on negative thoughts. Listen to calming music, or turn on the tv. Turning your TV on can make you entertained and relaxed. Keeping your lights on preventing you from being too much stuck in your own head and give you relief from bothering or nagging thoughts

  • Hydro Therapy

Studies revealed that drinking more water help in relieving some symptoms of anxiety. This can also help control the way you are experiencing anxiety that in turn can improve how simple or easy it is to cope.

  • Bathing

Taking hot baths is also an incredible relaxation technique. Warm water offers the entire body with a level of relaxation that is incredibly beneficial to reduce anxiety symptoms. Just like other treatments, individuals suffering from pains and aches due to anxiety can benefit from taking warm baths for about an hour, every few days.

  • Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Advance Technology can provide individuals with the newest medications to treat anxiety and depression, but natural herbal remedies are the better alternative since they got minimal and even no side effects. Here are 6 herbal remedies for anxiety that individuals can try.

  • Laugh and more laughter

Laughing is one of the best home remedies for anxiety.  In fact, “laughter is the best medicine,” and it may not always take away everything that ails you, but it can certainly make you feel good for a while.  When I feel anxious or sad I try to find or to think of something funny, and there are experiences in life that provide that amusement.  Like the time I got my head stuck in a New York City transit bus.

Yes, I was on my way to college and the bus was very crowded, so I decided the safest thing to do is to get off the front of the bus.  As I was stepping off the bus I dropped some change.  Low and behold there was more change on the floor.  Looks like some other poor soul dropped their change too!  My eyes lid up all I saw was lunch money ahead!  “Cha Ching!”

So I stepped out of the bus, and proceeded to bend down and pick up all this change!  Coins everywhere (this was before the metro cards). Just picture this,  my head was still inside the bus, and the rest of me was on the outside. Everything happens so quickly!  All of the sudden, the bus door closed and started moving.

“What the heck!” The rubber doors closed in on my head!  I  still remember hearing the loud laughter of some girl on the bus.  She just kept laughing and laughing above what I was trying to say, (barely audible) “my head,” “Oh my head!”  The girl some how heard my murmur and burst out laughing even harder!

Well, I wasn’t laughing, but luckily for me, the bus stopped!  I guess someone eventually noticed my ass hanging out of the bus, and said something. The doors released my poor head and I then quickly pulled it out.  I was waiting for applause or something but got none, so I walked away as quickly as possible as if nothing ever happened!

So did you see the laughter here?  My friends sure did, after I got to school and told them the story.  I guess you get my point.  Laughter is not a cure, but it sure is the best feeling you can ever have!

These are the best home remedies for anxiety that individuals can take. Vitamin additions and journaling are remedies can also be added on the list to treat anxiety for good.


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