Anxiety Prevention Self Care Treatment

by Dealing with Social Anxiety

Anxiety prevention begins with achieving control of such emotions as fear and anxiety with our mind.  If it is our thoughts that create these emotions, then we need to change our emotions by changing our thoughts.

We have a choice in determining how we feel and act, and this begins through learning self-control in our minds. The battle isn’t always on what is happening in our physical world or environment but, rather what is within us, within our minds.

Anxiety Prevention and “Self-Talk

We must guard our “self-talk” which can sometimes be filled with negative thoughts or irrational reasoning’s. It is important to stop these negative thoughts, and how do we do this?

Every thought that goes into our mind should be of what is true, just and honorable. If there is anything in our lives that is worthy of praise and gratitude, then we should focus on that! We can count our blessings, be gracious and thankful for the good in our life.

Words Have a Power of their Own.

To change our way of thinking is not always easy, but we can take small steps by carefully choosing the words that we speak. Words have a power of their own.

They can inspire or discourage, built or destroyed.

Have you noticed how much more tired you feel after yawning and saying “I am tired?” You actually feel more tired, because your words or “self-talk” has released the power in the direction of tiredness.

Our negative words give power to creating a negative outcome. So it’s important to take note of the words that we speak, and the images we create in our mind. “We are what we think!”

Replace the What if, with What is!

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt


Being afraid can set us back, so we need to evaluate and track down what it is that we are fearing. Sometimes we can create fear of things that we think might happen. We must analyze and put things in perspective.

For example, does this fear involve a danger over which we have some degree of control?  If not, then we need to attack those thoughts and remove the “what if,” with“what is!”   “What is” should out weight the “what ifs,” that may not truly exist. It is important to see things as they actually are, without creating negative thoughts on things that might now occurAnxiety prevention is based on this concept and can allow for anxiety relief.

We must have some faith in ourselves, trust in our capabilities and filled our mind with positive thinking affirmations.

“Yes I can make things better!”
“I am not afraid of trying something New,”
“I will prepare and succeed!”

Begin to create a more positive mental image of your situation, visualize for success, and you will have a better outcome!”

Anxiety Prevention:  Being Grateful and Appreciative

Sometimes detaching ourselves from anxious situations for even a moment, can bring about peace of mind. It may seem difficult at first but begin by refocusing your thoughts on other things.

Look at the beauty that life has to offer, nature, for example, can fill your eyes with beauty and can bring about inner peace.  By simply viewing, these natural wonders of our world, we can begin to create a positive mindset.

Life becomes more hopeful and it takes us out of the box filled with worries to a place where our mind is refreshed. Allow your self to discover,  appreciate, and admire the good things that you do have in life.

We Can if We Think We Can

We experience more self-control and relieve our anxiety by controlling our way of thinking. We can do this by capturing every thought that enters our mind and examining it. To see if it is worthy of finding a place in our belief systems. If we begin to argue with it, debate and dispute with it “irrationality,” then we must be rid of it of it quickly.

Renew the mind by letting go of “false ideas” that come into your mind. The events in your life do not control your emotions, feelings or behavior. It is changing your way of thinking and perceiving life events, in a more reasonable and positive way that gives control and empowers your life.

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