How to Achieve Spiritual Wellness and Nurture the Mind

by Spiritual Healing

Spiritual wellness and nurturing the mind can be achieved by incorporating spiritual practices into your daily life.  There are many spiritual practices that promote spiritual and mental wellness. You can choose one all do them all.  The importance is to get started.  It is also important to note that the best approach to mental well-being combines other elements such as good nutrition, exercise, living in a safe environment and our relationship with others.  Check out our Action Plan for Wellness for further information.  For now, let’s begin with achieving spiritual wellness by adopting a few spiritual practices.

First of all, spiritual practices are known to be sacred to many people.  It is connecting to a greater power that transcends our individual notions of ourselves.  These spiritual practices help promote a sense of purpose and acceptance, of tolerance and forgiveness.

Spiritual Practices to Create Spiritual Wellness

There are numerous spiritual practices that can help to create spiritual wellness and peace of mind.   For example, there are many spiritual healing practices such as reiki, qigong, healing touch, and therapeutic touch.  These healing practices share the belief that a person can connect with a greater healing power that can help heal others.  These are effective practices that can help a person to relax and reduce stress and provide comfort.


Prayer is another means of connecting with a superior being that most people call God.  It is through prayer that we talk to God and confide our most inner thoughts, hopes, and concerns.  We can say a prayer of thanks, gratitude or praise.  Another prayer can be for healing, understanding and for direction for ourselves or others. It is very simple to do.  We do not need any special words.  It is just talking to God from the heart and total revelation of our inner self that will help to attain spiritual wellness.  When we place all our confidence and faith in God we feel more hopeful and helps to reduce fear, anxiety, depression, and stress.  No need to feel alone anymore, because when we pray we connect with a power that strengthens us and provides peace of mind.  So let go and let God do his thing!  It has been known that individuals that pray have better mental health than those that do not.


When we practice forgiving ourselves and others we are released from all the negativity that keeps us down, that makes us depressed and lost.  When you forgive we release all control that person has over you.  It is not a simple task but when you are able to let go of the anger you will feel calm, peace and a sense of freedom.  This outcome is called spiritual wellness.

Artistic Expression

By engaging in creative expression through art, music, literature or poetry a person can find inner power to endure, sadness, mourning, depression and other difficulties they are experiencing.  Using these creative expressions can help a person who has difficulty finding the right words to express themselves and find understanding and healing. It also allows someone to take a negative emotion and turn it into something positive. When a person is absorbed in their artistic expression they develop a creative flow that takes them away from all negativity and evolves into something of beauty. As they reflect on their accomplishment with pride they were able to feed the spirit and nurture the mind with their new-found peace and well-being.

Incorporating these simple things into your daily life create positivity and help you deal more effectively with adversities.  So seek all things that are positive.  Seek the company of positive people.  Pray or meditate. Be grateful for all your blessings. Appreciate the beauty of nature and expressions of love from others.



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