Create a Healing Garden for Overcoming Anxiety

by Relaxation Techniques for Stress, Spiritual Healing

A healing garden or a green space can help for Overcoming Anxiety.  They are a set of special gardens design mainly for the propose of healing. They are generally used in health care facilities and medical center to improve their patient’s health outcome.

Not all gardens are healing gardens, some gardens are actually built to enhance healing both physically and psychologically.

A healing garden creates a place of refuge and boosts healing in patients.  It is also healing for as well as for families, caregivers, and even staff by familiarizing them with the great things about living in nature.

A scientist has yet to unravel the secret behind the interconnection of human and nature, or how it recovers and heals the mind. However, it is being proven with a number of testimonies from patients and health workers that nature has an effective way of relieving the mind from anxiety.

Because of its mysterious way of nurturing the mind back to health, you can now see healing gardens in places like rehabilitation center, prisons, and juvenile rehabilitation center among others grown for healing purposes.

Today healing gardens are now being created within the home to help in overcoming anxiety.  The potential for creativity is only limited by your imagination.  So creating your own healing garden can be very therapeutic and pleasurable. Your healing garden or green space can be your place of tranquility and peace.

A Healing Garden for Overcoming Anxiety

It is believed that growing a garden and spending time with nature tends to relieve the mind from anxiety. Researchers have shown that viewing natural scenes like green leaves, lakes, running of rivers, waterfalls and other natural elements have a positive health impact.


Researchers like Ulrich for instance, (Ulrich, 1984), in a landmark study, demonstrated that patient’s in the hospital who viewed natural scenes had positive healing benefits.  Those that viewed plants, trees and animals from their rooms tend to spend less time in the hospital and use less medication.  They have also been known to recover faster with fewer post-operative complications.

The theory behind this is because the mind feels safe and comforted just by looking at natural flowers, the running of rivers, the green on leaves and other nature elements. Perhaps, it is the connection with life in its natural environment that calms the mind.

What we do know is the fact that spending quality time in the garden is always very relaxing, which happens to be the key treatment to pull back a troubled mind back to health and relieve the mind from anxiety.

Because mankind finds nature inherently captivating, we don’t need to make an effort to concentrate when presented with natural views. This lowers mental fatigue and refreshes the brain.

Create your Own Healing Garden for Overcoming Anxiety

Growing a healing garden is not just as easy as growing an ordinary garden. There are things that are important to consider in order to make a healing garden.

Healing Garden of Joy

Since we are not growing the garden to just beautify the place, but also to heal the mind with its touch of nature. You will want to incorporate those flowers and plants that bring you joy and satisfaction.  Here is your chance to use your green thumb, or perhaps develop one!

In my garden, I have a butterfly bush which is one of the most fragrant shrubs there is.  It blooms in the summer with colorful flowers bringing about beautifully colored butterflies as well as hummingbirds. The bush also gives off a most enjoyable fruity fragrance.


You just can’t help bbutterfly-bushut feel in awe and admire the colors and beauty they add to your vision.  Flowers and plants nourish the soul and bring about peace. Such beauty can help with overcoming anxiety and bring about peace of mind.

Healing Gardens  and Fragrant Flowers

There are certain flowers that are happily looking and have exquisite aromas, that will certainly make you feel good inside. For example, you can easily grow flowers like alyssum, Lilacs, Scarlet Pineapple’ sage, Lemon verbena, Angelwing jasmine, and many others.  They all have wonderful fragrances and are very beautiful to look at!

Keep your Healing Garden Eco-Friendly                                                       

Another great idea for a healing garden will be to plant vegetables, add medicinal plants, herbs or even a water fountain, that will not only bring about peace of mind but are also eco-friendly. 

Add your Personality to your Healing Garden

Think about your passion while creating your healing garden. Think about what you will like to see, smell and touch. Create the garden to match your taste and that attracts you.  Your healing garden will be an extension of your personality, so envision bright colors, lots of green and tranquil waters.

When you have completed your healing garden it will be your own personal masterpiece.  A calming pleasure to view for yourself and others.



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